How To Fix ‘Download Complete’ Error Message On Samsung Galaxy S5?

Samsung Galaxy S5 users have been reporting about a few problems on the sensible cell phone like the random reboots, quick battery drain, Wi-Fi connection problems, digicam failed drawback, and a lot of others. In the earlier articles, we’ve talked about such problems and steps to fix them. Here I’ll concentrate on about obtain the full issue that appears on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and the solution to fix it.

Though very few people are coming across the ‘obtain full’ issue on Samsung Galaxy S5, however, it is extremely maddening. One individual stated that his cell phone actually shows the ‘obtain full’ error notification continually, although there’s no accessible information to see. He additionally mentioned that there’s no bodily injury on his cell phone.

This fixed notification isn’t solely maddening; however, additionally drains the battery of your cell phone quicker. This drawback could come about when you get tools by way of Wi-Fi, and there was some sort of disruption in the community. The disruption in the community could cause a glitch to a service that actually handles all downloads, that is, the Download Manager.

Potential Solution For The ‘Obtain Full’ Error Message On Your Samsung Galaxy S5:

For fixing the ‘obtain full’ issue on your Samsung Galaxy S5, try to end the obtain or clear the cache and data of your service.

Step#1: First of all, tap on the obtain notification.

Step#2: After that, simply touch the app.

Step#3: Now, cancel the obtain by simply tapping on the X.

Step#4: Then, download the application yet again.

Step#5: If you can get the application efficiently, ‘obtain full’ error notification will show you only one time. Otherwise, go on to the following steps.

Step#6: Open the Settings menu on the Galaxy S5 device > faucet More.

Step#7: Now, tap the Application Manager > the All section.

Step#8: After that, simply scroll the display > contact the Download Manager.

Step#9: Next, simply tap on the Clear Cache option.

Step#10: Now, tap on the Clear Data option > Ok.

Step#11: Then, simply download the application again.

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