How To Clean Motherboard

How To Clean Motherboard? – Guide To Make Your Motherboard Dust Free!

The motherboard is definitely one of the most significant parts of a PC. Even a small issue in the motherboard can affect the PC performance. Hence, it’s a no-brainer that the motherboard has to be looked after and well-maintained. With usage and time, dust and dirt accumulate on your motherboard.

If not cleaned frequently, the motherboard could malfunction, overheat, and perhaps even stop working altogether because of the short circuit. Now, let’s discuss cleaning it. Cleaning a motherboard can be difficult, as even the slightest error or damage could affect the performance. Don’t be anxious yet, though. We have methods to help you out!

How Can You Clean Motherboard?


There’re a lot of types of things that assist you in different methods of cleaning a PC motherboard. The list of cleaning equipment and products:

  • Cotton swab
  • Portable Vacuum with attachments
  • Soft Brush
  • Screwdriver
  • Cleaning spray (or Foam swab)
  • Thinner (Cleaning solvent)
  • Compressed air or a blower
  • Clean cloth for drying it
  • Isopropyl alcohol

Side-note: While a few may ask if it’s okay to clean the motherboard utilizing a cloth or a vacuum cleaner, these solutions come with their own set of risks. A vacuum cleaner can cause static and damage your motherboard, while a cloth can simply leave fibers behind, and pressure may have to be applied for cleaning, which isn’t suggested.

  • How Can You Clean A Motherboard Using A Portable Vacuum?

You can make use of a vacuum cleaner for cleaning your computer motherboard. With the use of a vacuum cleaner, you’ll face the severe insecurity of the computer. Using a vacuum cleaner can create a risk for you.

A vacuum cleaner assists you in disposing of and clearing away the obstinate and headstrong dust from your motherboard. But you follow a few simple instructions while utilizing a vacuum cleaner. That is, you have to set out to deposit them less in stages for unique and great consequences.

  • How To Clean Your Motherboard Using The Compressed Air?

For general motherboard cleaning, the safest and easiest way is to utilize compressed air. You can purchase a can of compressed air or utilize what’s known as the air blower, which compresses air without even heating it.

Once you’ve completely shut down your PC and dismantled it, make use of the compressed air to get rid of the dust and dirt particles. At times, you may see that some dust particles are hard to remove. For that, you can make use of a soft-bristled brush to assist you in the process. Make use of the brush gently for loosening the dust particles, and then make use of the compressed air again to eliminate them completely.

  • How Can You Clean Your Motherboard Using Thinner?

Making use of a thinner is the same way as cleaning a motherboard using alcohol. But with thinner, you collect the basic details about how you can clean the slot on your motherboard. Before making use of the thinner, you have to dispose of your motherboard from your computer.

Then, you get rid of the dust using a cloth with attention and care because the cloth leaves small pieces of fiber for creating problems while utilizing it. Now, there’s just strict dust left that can be removed using different methods. Thinner is one of them.

Also, if you make use of a thinner, you feel comfortable and easy while utilizing it. Because of its outstanding quality, it’ll get rid of all the dust from your motherboard. If you feel hard to dispose of and clear away the small dust particles, you can soak a Q-tip into your thinner and then scour out all the dust.

If there’s impossible to clear any dust from the motherboard, you ought to splash it to resist the thinner. It’ll assist you in cleaning the motherboard. After the whole solution, you can make use of a special piece of cloth for wiping your motherboard. After that, you make certain about the complete dryness, and you can install your motherboard again into a computer.

  • How To Remove Dust From Your Motherboard Using A Cleaning Spray?

First off, you have to shut down the PC and unscrew your motherboard so that you’ll be capable of meeting the stains and dust. Before utilizing a cleaning spray, you clean up your motherboard using compressed air for disposing of all the dirt from the exterior.

After cleaning the dust, you can use the motherboard cleaning spray to remove the motherboard’s blemish ranges. The users can simply locate the motherboard’s joint because of the linear and lofty pipe just as widening. Like thinner, the dust clears away after spraying from your motherboard. After that, you can wipe your motherboard completely and set it on the computer.

  • How To Clean Motherboard Using Isopropyl Alcohol?

If you are coping with some sticky stains, compressed air might not assist you. For getting rid of such stubborn stains, make use of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning your motherboard. Using a liquid on your motherboard is a delicate procedure and ought to be cautiously done to make sure the best results are acquired.

Remember that the isopropyl alcohol you utilize for cleaning ought to be more than ninety percent pure, ideally ninety-nine percent. This form of liquid is non-conductive and dries quickly. Read on to clearly understand the cleaning procedure.

Applying Isopropyl Alcohol For Clean The Motherboard:

There’s always been debate over the best solution for employing while cleaning your motherboard using alcohol. While a few feel the liquid ought to be poured on a motherboard giving it the alcohol bath, a few others suggest utilizing a cotton swab for applying the liquid.

The correct procedure relies on the type of stains or dirt you are coping with. For removing any particles or sticky materials that are thick and hard to get rid of, we suggest utilizing a cotton swab for applying the Isopropyl Alcohol. It’ll make sure that the dust particles are removed.

However, in extreme situations, a few particles may still remain, such as soldering junk or carbon. That’s when you can decide to give your motherboard the alcohol bath. You can also apply this solution when a motherboard is completely dead or not working correctly as a result of a lot of dirt heap up.

Steps For Clean Your Motherboard:

  • First of all, shut down your PC completely. It comprises switching off the mains and unplugging all its wires.
  • After that, disassemble your PC and take out your motherboard.
  • Then, make use of the blower or compressed air to remove the dust and dirt particles. Make use of a soft-bristled brush if needed.
  • Next, make use of isopropyl alcohol for deep cleaning your motherboard using a cotton swab. It’ll get rid of the difficult and sticky particles which could not be removed using compressed air.
  • Now, pour isopropyl alcohol if your motherboard still requires further cleaning or if it’s not functional.
  • Then, let your motherboard dry completely before reinstalling or powering your PC on again.
  • Lastly, assemble your PC back.

Why Do We Have To Clean The Motherboard?

It’s a necessary part of the computer to clean the motherboard. The majority of individuals are thinking about how to clean the motherboard and aren’t attentive when it is accessible to maintain and clean the motherboard. Many individuals aim to confirm their computer’s handout from viruses and malware.

  • Abolish Stains:

When we do not take care of the motherboard, then our motherboard accumulates a heap of headstrong substances and dust. Dust and grime can accumulate in different parts of the computer and then cause problems. You will also see a lack in performance if you never remove all the dust with time, then dust becomes obstinate and hard.

  • Interrupt Corrosion:

If you take dust lightly, you’ll be accountable for your own damage. Excessive stains and dust can produce oxidation and corrosion of some parts of your motherboard. After that, the working process will decrease and fail to provide the best performance. The motherboard might be dead for a long time because of ill-treatment.

  • Extricate The Output:

If you don’t take care of your motherboard properly, you will face a huge loss because all the motherboard parts will shut down and fail to perform. So, if the motherboard is damaged completely, maybe you will have to purchase a new one for the computer. But if you take care of it and clean it regularly, then you can save your money.

It’s a difficult task to clean the motherboard. Still, it’ll help you get a lot of benefits like. But if you take good care of it then your money won’t be wasted, all the functions will work properly and assist you in performing well in the long-term. Therefore, if you desire to explore the better performance of your motherboard, make it your routine to clean your motherboard using different methods.

Some Things To Remember:

  • Make sure to clean the motherboard at least once a year.
  • If the PC is still in the warranty period, talk to the manufacturer before utilizing any liquid on your motherboard. Seek their assistance for the cleaning procedure as the warranty could be canceled once you make use of isopropyl alcohol for cleaning it all by yourself.
  • Make sure your PC is completely shut down and powered off before performing any cleaning process.
  • Make sure you make use of ninety-nine percent isopropyl alcohol to clean your motherboard.
  • Let your motherboard dry completely before powering your PC back on.
  • If ever in doubt, look for professional help for cleaning the motherboard.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Q: Can We Make Use Of A Thinner To Clean A Motherboard?

Making use of a thinner is a bad and wasteful idea and a dangerous task for cleaning a motherboard because it can damage the computer and the motherboard. Paint thinner will give you even more damage and fail to clean and perform extremely horribly properly.

So, you have to avoid this solution if you desire to save and protect the computer. And thinner’s spirit is extremely acidulous and sharp; it’ll slap the paint off the motherboard.

Q: Does Alcohol Helps In Getting Rid Of The Dust From The Motherboard?

If the motherboard is completely furnished with stains and dust and brushes and compressed air, fail to clean it so you can make use of isopropyl alcohol with ninety-nine percent purity. You can dip your motherboard in alcohol and rest it for five minutes for a better outcome. And you can shake it at your own risk.

Q: How To Clean The Corrosion Off The Motherboard?

If you do not care about the motherboard, you’ll come across a bucket of corrosion on it. All the rust spread all over the place and all the joints because of rust and corrosion because of less cleaning.

But you can get rid of the corrosion with the assistance of cotton swabs and utilizing a liquid such as isopropyl alcohol, and you can dispatch the strains and dust with the help of such things. Just pour the solution on all parts where you see corrosion, and after a minute, you can wipe it off cautiously and repeat the procedure until rust and corrosion will not die.

Q: Can We Make Use Of Some Other Method For Cleaning The Motherboard?

You can make use of different types of things for cleaning the motherboard but do not do anything which will cause a lot of risks and problems. You can go for compressed air when you have to clean the dust and take a brush. But do not use Wd40 for cleaning your motherboard because it’s very sharp and would not be endowed to dispose of it.


In short, all the confusion related to how you can clean your motherboard will be gone. Because we reviewed the top methods for cleaning the motherboard in this guide to clean the tiny particles and dust on the motherboard, you can use different motherboard cleaning kits and several other things for better motherboard performance.

Make sure to read the entire guide carefully to have a better idea of how to clean the motherboard. But we recommend you clean the motherboard regularly because it’ll assist you in getting an outstanding performance.

In case you see a lot of rust and dust, you’ll be capable of cleaning your motherboard perfectly using the above methods. You have to learn all the solutions carefully as the motherboard is a very delicate and tricky part of a computer. And forceful performance can cause damage and defects in the PC. But if you perform all the steps carefully, then you’ll be successful in the work.

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