Block Photoshop In Firewall Windows 10

How To Block Photoshop In Firewall Windows 10?

If you are like other people who utilize Adobe services like Photoshop, you’ll acquaint that you have to connect to the Wi-Fi or internet when you’re making use of them. That’s because, for a lot of significant functions, this connection is needed. We all desire a seamless and smooth editing experience, and so we comply with such a tool.

Is There Any Drawback To The Adobe Photoshop Getting Access To The Internet?


However, it can be a little problematic as well if the services such as Photoshop desire to gain access to the internet no matter which type of domain it is.

Block Photoshop In Firewall Windows 10

For stopping that, you can contemplate blocking the adobe services with the help of the Win Firewall. It’s the feature of Windows that will make sure that you can block Photoshop or different other services from connecting to the domain, whether corporate, private, or personal.

The cause behind it is very simple; we do not desire such services gaining unauthorized access to these. If you’re a home user, then you’ll desire to contemplate this blocking for security and privacy reasons. Today’s post will be tackling this problem with the help of the Win firewall for blocking Photoshop!

How Can You Block Adobe Photoshop In Firewall On Windows 10 System?

The following are a few methods that you can make use of for blocking the Adobe Photoshop in Firewall on your Windows 10 system!

1. Automatic Firewall Blocking On Win 10:

  • First of all, hit the Windows keys > enter Firewall in the box that emerges on the screen.
  • After that, hit on the option that says something like Allow the App through Win Firewall.Firewall in the box
  • Now, you will have to hit the Change Settings option, and you’ll come across a list of results.
  • Search through these results for locating the Adobe Photoshop option > simply deselect it. The little checkbox for it ought to be on your left-hand side.


  • Last of all, you can hit OK, and it’ll block Adobe Photoshop successfully from accessing your internet on Win.


2. Block Firewall Manually On Windows 10:

  • For this method, you will first have to navigate to the start menu > open the Control Panel.

start menu Control Panel

  • After that, you can simply hit the option that says something like Windows Defender Firewall, and it’ll open it.

Windows Defender Firewall

  • Once that’s done, you have to press hit the option for the Advanced Settings. You can find this option on the left of your windows firewall.


  • A new window will open where you’ll have to choose the Outbound Rules > click on New Rule…

Outbound New Rules

  • For blocking Adobe Photoshop, click to select the option that says something like, Program > choose Next.

Program Next

  • After that, you’ll click the button to Browse on the menu and look for Photoshop.
  • Select either Adobe Photoshop x32 or Adobe Photoshop x64 > hit Next.


  • Then, an option for blocking your connection ought to emerge. It’ll be on default. Hit Next once again.

block the connection next

  • Here for blocking Adobe Photoshop effectively through the firewall on Win 10, you can choose Private, Public by clicking on all the available domains.


  • For making certain that it’s the permanent command through the firewall on windows, you need to assign it some name.

assign it some name

  • It’s suggested since the name will clarify why the rule was actually assigned and will make life much simpler later.

When you have followed all of the steps mentioned above, either automatic or manual, you’ll discover that with the help of the Windows settings and Firewall, Photoshop has no access to any of the internet domains any longer.

One thing that you should keep in mind is that while it can be helpful in blocking the different Adobe services, blocking one will eventually denote that you may not get any access to any of the additional services of Adobe.

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