How Do I Fix “the process android.process.acore has stopped” Error?

The well-liked Android operating system, which is installed on countless devices around the globe, is not immune to different system failures. Gadget owners face issues decreasing the performance of their devices and limiting the functionality of different programs.

If android.process.acore issue emerges on the screen, stay calm and do not be anxious: you ought to simply follow the directions if you desire to resolve the smartphone operation.

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the process android.process.acore has stopped

Causes Why ‘android.process.acore has stopped’ Issue Occurs?


Before going to any fixes, it’s significant to acquaint its reasons so that in the future, you can evade such things to occur repeatedly. The common causes comprise:

  • Utilizing Titanium backup for restoring apps
  • Not compatible with the Android operating system version
  • Custom ROM installation failed
  • Firmware or operating system upgrade not finished properly
  • Malicious virus attack
  • Not having sufficient storage space
  • Because of the system crash

How Can Fix The android.process.acore Process Has Stopped Problem?

Fix#1: Restore The Contacts Functionality

If this issue emerges when you try to add or edit contacts, you ought to:

  • First, navigate to the device settings > Settings > choose Apps > go to the All Apps section.

Setting then apps

  • Now, choose Contacts > Storage.

Contacts Storage

  • Next, run the Clear data process.

All the info will be removed, but the device will begin to function stably. It is wise to enable synchronization with Google Contacts if you do not desire to lose significant phone numbers.

Fix#2: Clearing App Cache

The next solution to resolve this error is a clear application cache. Please make certain before clearing the cache and data of your contact tool; you’ve already taken the backup of all the contacts.

Clearing App Cache

There’re many programs accessible in the Google store for backing up your contacts list. For clearing cache on the android device, simply follow these steps:

  • First, go to the settings menu of the android device.
  • Next, navigate to App manager and locate the contacts app.
  • Click on the contact tool > choose clear data.
  • In application, manage locates the contact storage program > clear the data.
  • In the android marshmallow 6.0, you’ll locate clear data and clear cache in the storage option.
  • After clearing the program data, reboot the android device.

If the issue isn’t resolved, then you can also attempt to disable the storage of your contact or follow the other fixes mentioned below.

Fix#3: Clearing Facebook Messenger Data

Disabling your Facebook program can also stop the problem from occurring because this app is actually connected with the mobile contact list, so clearing data of this app procedure is the same as stated above.

Clearing Facebook Messenger Data

After clearing the FB data, disable synchronization for FB messenger and remove all the contacts; after that, reboot the android device. If you’re still coming across this issue, then try the fixes mentioned below.

Fix#4: Clearing Data Of Google Play Services And Google Play

This fix will help you if the issue is triggered by the Google play service.

Clearing Data Of Google Play Services

After clearing the data of Google play service and Google play store, simply reboot the device. Also, you can simply update the Google play service.

Fix#5: Clearing The System Partition Cache

Even there’s a chance that the user gets such issues because of the system partition cache.

Clearing The System Partition Cache

But clearing that has fixed the problem for a lot of users. So follow these steps:

  • First of all, turn off the Smartphone
  • Now, hit and hold the Power button + Volume up + Home button at the same time.
  • You will see the System Recovery mode on your screen.
  • Now utilize the volume down or up button for navigating.
  • Next, navigate to the wipe cache partition > click the power button for confirming.

Fix#6: Resetting The Application Preferences

The application preference resetting denotes all the disabled tools will enable automatically and will restore to the default settings.

Resetting The Application Preferences

For doing so, follow these steps:

  • First of all, navigate to Settings > choose Application manager.
  • Now, open all tabs where the apps list will be listed.
  • Here, choose the menu option > on Reset app preferences.
  • The message will appear to confirm the reset, and it says something like ‘You’ll not lose any application data.’
  • Click Reset Apps to confirm the reset process.
  • At last, reboot the device and is prepared for applying the new application preferences.

Fix#7: Uninstalling And Install The App Again

Several times happen that whatever tools you desire to download aren’t compatible with your device, and such kind of issue appears. So it is better to uninstall such programs.

Uninstalling And Install The App Again

Even several times, you need to install the program again to get rid of this issue. It’s also suggested to keep a backup of the Android tools before installing them again. After doing such processes, it’s certain that you’ll not face such problems again.

Fix#8: Updating The Android Operating System

The issue that you’re facing may be because of the old version of the Android operating system. Therefore you need to update the device operating system to get away from such an issue.

Updating The Android Operating System

For knowing whether the Android operating system have any updates or not,

  • Navigate to Settings > About.
  • Click Software update > check for updates.
  • Update if any new version is accessible.
  • Finally, let your device restart itself.

Fix#9: Resetting The Android Device

After applying all these fixes and you still come across the issue, then the only fix accessible is to reset the android device before resetting the device backup data.

Resetting The Android Device

Factory reset procedure removes all your data and tools from the device. To back up the android device, follow these below steps:

  • First of all, open the settings menu on the android device.
  • And locate the backup > reset option
  • Next, click factory data reset.


Well, this issue is a common one these days which is experienced by a lot of Android users, and it’s also frustrating in the sense that it happens after every five secs. I hope whatever fixes I’ve guided in this article for you will assist you out in resolving the issue easily.

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