How Do I Fix Google Play Store Error RH-01

How Do I Fix Google Play Store Error rh-01?

Utilizing the Google Play Store ought to be an easy task. Everything is well organized, available, and neat. You open it, search for whatever you require, inform if needed, and download it to the device.

However, it is not always bread and butter with the app store, albeit there is just so much it can go awry. One of the common issues goes by the RH-01 error code, and it, basically, can point towards connection problems with the dedicated server of the app store. If you are troubled by this issue, make certain to check the steps mentioned below.

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What Triggers The RH-01 Error Code? & How Do I Fix Google Play Store Error RH-01?


What Triggers The RH-01 Error Code

The following are some of the causes behind this particular issue:

  • Play Store Causing The Device Incompatibility:

At times user installs app store versions from the 3rd-party sites available on Google. Mostly, such versions are absolute, and they cause device incompatibility, which results mostly in the RH-01 issue. If you\re installing an app store from Google, try to search for the one that’s compatible with the device version you have.

  • Older Device Model:

This problem can be triggered because of the device model. If you’re utilizing an out-of-date device, you’re more likely to come across this error. That’s because of the fact that there’re new and up-to-date tools created each day. These programs also need more powerful and new specs. As the older devices are frequently having limited specs like ROM, RAM, or storage, etc., because of such issues, a few programs, even the newest Google play store, will not properly function in it.

  • 3rd-Party Programs Installed On The Device:

I personally like a lot of tools; that’s why I keep downloading them from the play store. If I cannot locate it on the app store, then I simply download it from Google. If you’re like me, you’ll have a lot of 3rd-party programs installed on the device. Such 3rd-party tools at times interfere with the system tools, which triggers this problem.

  • Device Software Modification:

This problem can mostly affect the devices which have a modified software version installed in them. This modified program is known as ROM. These days most app shops will install the modded of software versions on the devices at cheap rates. The majority of them have diverse splendid features, but they also have diverse problems. A few of them will also affect the cam function. It’s possible that you’re coming across this issue because you’ve installed the modified software version on the device.

Try These Methods For Resolving This Issue:

Now that we’ve learned the causes of the issue, now the next step will be getting rid of it. For that, you can check out the following methods:

Method#1: Reboot The Device

Let’s begin with the vital step. Android, like any other operating system available out there, is prone to having temporary bugs.

Reboot The Device

The execution of different apps can fail now and then, and there is nothing to be anxious about. Mostly, a simple reboot ought to fix the issue. And since it is not exactly a broadly-spread and persistent issue, it ought to be fixed after you restart the handset.

Method#2: Checking The Network Settings

Now, if the issue keeps coming back each time you access the app store, there may be something else at hand. Frequently, this problem denotes that you are incapable of connecting to the dedicated server of the app store. There is a small chance that the server is down itself indeed, but that is scarcely the case. At least, it would not go down for an extended time.

Checking The Network Settings

Conversely, your own incapability of connecting can trigger this issue occasionally. Albeit the offline prompt for the store varies, it’s still an unbelievable possibility. That is why we encourage the users to double-check whether they are capable of connecting by simply trying out some other program. Browsing the web using Chrome ought to do it. If you are not capable of connecting, follow these steps:

  • Reboot the router.
  • Then, try to connect using the Mobile Data for determining whether your Wi-Fi is the main cause.
  • Now, disable Mobile Data and Bluetooth for the time being.
  • Reset the Network settings. You can easily find this option if you go to Settings > open Advanced settings > go to Backup and reset.

Method#3: Checking The Time & Date

Another possible cause for this error may lie in the discrepancy between the time on the device and the time of your server.

Checking The Time & Date

If that is the case, and the date is, for instance, set to 2017 instead of the present year, you would not be capable of accessing the app store and download the content. For that cause, we encourage you to go to settings of Time & Date, manually configure both, and search for issues. Here is how you can do so:

  • First of all, go to the Settings menu > Advanced settings.
  • Select Date and time > simply toggle the Automatic date and time option off.
  • Now, manually set both values.
  • Reboot the device and search for the improvements within the app store.

Method#4: Clearing Data From The App Store And Play Services

All of the app store data; comprises system-related services such as Play Services and Play Store. Both applications are a necessary part of Android, and they actually keep on piling temporary files and cache like there is no tomorrow.

Clearing Data From The App Store And Play Services

It can lead to errors, bugs, or overall device underperformance as a whole. What you can carry out for addressing this is simply clearing the accumulated data by both Play Services and Play Store, respectively. Here is what you have to do:

  • First of all, go to the Settings menu > tap on Apps (the applications manager).
  • After that, open the Play Store.
  • Open Storage > clear Data.
  • Repeat this action for the Play Services as well.
  • Reboot the device > give the app store another go.

Method#5: Resetting The Application Preferences

Resetting The Application Preferences

  • First of all, go to the Settings menu > Apps > choose All Apps.
  • From the top corner, tap on the three dots.
  • Choose Reset app preferences.
  • A dialog box will open right away. In there, you will have to tap on the reset apps option.


  • Navigate to the System option in settings > choose Reset options.
  • Under that, you have to go to Reset App preferences.
  • Choose the reset apps option.
  • Reboot the device

You’ll not lose the app data, as just the settings will be reset.

Method#6: Removing And Adding The Google Account

A few users stated that retrieving info from the server RH-01 issue was resolved after adding their Google Account again. Follow the below steps:

Removing And Adding The Google Account

  • Navigate to Settings > choose Accounts > Google.
  • Now, tap on the three vertical dots from the top.
  • Choose the Remove account option.

Now you can add the account again:

  • Navigate to Accounts > choose Add account.
  • Choose Google > enter in the email address & password.
  • You ought to get a code from Google
  • Type that it, and you ought to be set up to utilize the Google Play Store once again

Method#7: Resetting And Updating The Google Play Store

Lastly, there is one viable fix that is appropriate for this problem. Of course, a few may suggest resetting the phone to the factory settings, but we find it is a little unreasonable in this case.

Resetting And Updating The Google Play Store

What you can carry out, conversely, is uninstalling the apps store and updating it. Since you cannot remove the app store, you can reset it to the factory values. Here is how you can do this:

  • Go to Settings > choose Apps > select Play Store.
  • Tap on Disable > confirms the selection.
  • After the app store is reset to the factory values, try to use it once again.
  • After that, you can either wait for the new updates or simply download and install the apk version of it.

That is all about it. As a simple side note, we have to remind you that the steps mentioned above are probably helpful for users utilizing stock Android ROMs. If you have meddled with the handset, then we are afraid these mentioned may not work, but that is not certain.

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