Anonymous Messages On Tumblr

How Can You Track Anonymous Messages On Tumblr?

This is a topic that a lot of individuals are searching for. Here you will get useful information about this topic. It’ll assist you in having an overview and solid acquaintance. Today, you will be introduced to you how you can track different anonymous messages on Tumblr. Follow the instructions given below step by step for doing so.

Here’s How To Track Anonymous Messages On Tumblr:


With Internet bullying and social networking usage both on the steep rise, it’s frequently essential to take some precautions that can protect you from malevolent attacks. If you have gotten niggling messages from different anonymous users on the Tumblr blog, for instance, you can determine the IP address of the user and recognize the original sender.

Track Anonymous Messages On Tumblr

This work needs you to sign up first for the tracking service and then embed a unique HTML script for a tracker on the blog. Follow the below steps:

  • First of all, go to the web browser and open a tracking service such as Google Analytics, SiteMeter, or Stat Counter.
  • Choose the option for registering or creating your account there.
  • Enter the details of your blog, such as the blog’s name, the URL, and the local time zone, and also configure the options of the tracker to the preferences. You can, for instance, choose to get everyday visitor count emails utilizing some invisible tracker, so the readers do not acquaint themselves that you are counting blog visits.
  • After that, highlight your HTML script that’s given once the counter is configured and copy that to the clipboard; if you don’t see a Copy option, then simply hit Ctrl + C keys from the keyboard on your computer or Command + C on your Mac system.
  • Sign in to the Tumblr Dashboard > click on the gear-like icon from the top of the page.
  • Next, choose to Customize > click Edit HTML from the left-hand side navigational pane on your next screen.
  • Then, scroll to the bottom of the HTML coding > directly place the cursor before the </body> tag.
  • Next, hit the Return option a few times for clearing the work area; the additional spaces would not affect the formatting of your blog.
  • Now, paste the HTML script in the recently cleared space by simply hitting Ctrl + V keys from the keyboard on the computer or Command + V on your Mac system > click on Update Preview.
  • Choose Save > Close for exiting the customization workspace.

Now, anonymously message yourself to test out this tracking feature.

  • For doing this, simply choose to Ask > enter your test message > enable the option that says Ask Anonymously before clicking on Ask again for sending it.
  • Now, go back to your tracking service website and sign in to the account > choose the option for accessing the recent website visitor details.
  • Find the listing closest to the time you think that you sent the Ask anonymous > expand that to show the user details, comprising the IP address of the individual, access location, and how long that visit lasted on the blog. After that, highlight and copy such IP details.
  • Now, go to some other web browser window or tab to the IP lookup program like the ones hosted on IP Address, Info Sniper, or What Is My IP.
  • Then, paste the address you have copied earlier into the search box for getting further information about the user, such as the time zone, ISP, and ZIP code.


If you need additional help for a continuing Tumblr bullying problem, give the IP address you got to some legal professional for additional tracing.

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