How Can I Fix My PS3 If It Freezes

How Can I Fix My PS3 If It Freezes?

When the PS3 freezes, usually there’s little that you can do other right away than reboot your console. The majority of freezes are uncommon issues, but the chronic freezes might be the indication of the underlying problem.

Can I Fix My PS3 If It Freezes:


The best method for preventing future freezes is to find out and correct the reason. The common reasons for the freezes comprise bugged or improperly installed updates, system overheating, and corrupt data.

The following is like the first thing you’ll have to carry out if you ever have any issues with the PlayStation 3:

  • First of all, unplug all of the connections (power, HDMI, and Chargers, etc.)
  • After that, simply keep in the well-ventilated space for about five to ten minutes.
  • Next, vacuum all of the air holes and get the console dust-free.

It may not be the ultimate fix to all the issues, but it might help (there is seriously no pain in trying right). Now let’s move onto the other fixes you can try out for getting rid of this issue:

Try Out Different Disk Types:

Now, trying out diverse disk types might assist in solving the problem:

Disk Types

  • First of all, try to insert some regular CDs. If that works, simply move onto the next step.
  • Try out some DVD film. If that works, then move ahead.
  • Now, simply try a Game disc or a BD disc. It ought to be functioning now.

If it still is not functioning, it may be because the BD reader has actually burned out. (I do not suggest you to attempt to repair the BD reader by yourself, send it for the service they will repair it for you)

Preventing Overheating:

Overheating is really a frequent reason for the PlayStation 3 freezes. Check the air vents of the PlayStation 3 for clogs or dust and regularly clean them with a can of pressurized air or a microfiber cloth.

Preventing Overheating

Also, check that there’s enough airflow and space where the PlayStation 3 is stored; a lot of entertainment centers feature spaces for the devices but offer inadequate room for maintaining the airflow and a low working temp.

Updating The OS:

A bugged or incomplete update can also cause the PlayStation 3 to freeze or otherwise work improperly. You can simply install the new updates by means of the System Update option from the settings menu or utilizing the update downloaded onto the USB flash drive or installed on some game disc. Simply installing the most recent updates might correct the issue reasoning the PS3 freezes.

Restoring The File System:

If the corrupt data is really the issue, you can simply restore the file system of the PlayStation 3 through Safe Mode and correct the damaged data. You can simply go into the Safe Mode by shutting down your PlayStation 3 console, then starting PS3 up by simply hitting and holding the power button for about ten secs until you hear three beeps.

It’ll turn off again, at which point you can repeat the procedure until you hear the rapid double-beep and see the Safe Mode screen emerge. The Restore File System option will check the hard drive of Playstation 3 and fix the corrupted data or remove any data that cannot be fixed. It ought to resolve any freezes related to corrupted or bad data.

Factory Resetting Your PlayStation 3:

If all else does not work for addressing the issue, you might have to restore the PlayStation 3 back to its factory settings. This option is accessible in both the Safe Mode and system settings menu, listed as Restore PS3 System. It’ll revert the system to the default settings, with zero updates or added settings. This option will remove all of the downloads and saved data, so it ought to just be utilized as a final resort.


It’s the fix I utilize for playing Assassins Creed: Revelations and Uncharted 3. This one I figured out myself, and it’s been functioning one hundred percent. Hitting the PS button at the first loading of your game will make the menu of XMB to appear, and your game will keep on loading and not freeze. When it completes loading, simply hit the PS button once again for losing the menu. All the users will need to do is to make certain that the HDD indicator is blinking; if that stops while your game loads, it denotes that your game has frozen again.

Send The Console For Service:

If even the factory reset hasn’t resolved the problem with freezing, the hardware of your Playstation 3 console might be damaged or defective. You will need to either replace the Playstation 3 console or contact Sony for thorough troubleshooting directions or the location of the licensed service center. The resources part comprises a link on how you can send in the console for repair or service.

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