Pillager Raid In Minecraft

How Can I End A Pillager Raid In Minecraft?

It relies on what situation you are really talking about. Do you denote when you are attacking some outpost? In such a case, shields are supreme for deflecting the arrows. The loyalty Tridents are useful as well, or arrows and bows, for picking them off at the long-range. You can also make use of the crossbows, but the reload time of these can really make them less reliable.

How Can I End A Pillager Raid In Minecraft?


If you denote the Pillager raid, then the excellent method of protecting the villagers is constructing a fence around your village. Or lock them all in a huge building. Then you can sit inside that fence and pick the pillagers off. Best case; make a moat, and then they will be vulnerable while they are swimming towards you. Also, bring much ammo for tackling the Ravagers. Such things are insanely durable.

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So, What’re The Pillagers?

It is a form of illager, denoting a mob that has the villager’s appearance but has diverse behaviors and is usually hostile in nature. The pillager can join the evoker and the vindicator as the only illagers presently in this game naturally. The disparity between pillagers and the other illagers is that the pillagers are quite frequent in the Minecraft game and can be a common threat to both a player and to any close by villages.

What’re The Pillagers

You can notice them by the leather gear, grey skin, and menacing scowls. They also have slowers, crossbows, and the ordinary bow’s more powerful version that can really hit you from up to eight blocks away. Found in the pillager outposts, out on patrol by night, and throughout the violent and hectic raids against villages, you can run into the pillagers quite frequently. They are almost always hostile and are mainly detestable towards villagers. Definitely keep your eye out for such bad-tempered intimidating mobs.

What Do They Do?

Pillagers will make use of the crossbows for indiscriminately attacking any and all close-by villagers, players, wandering traders, and iron golems, even going really far as to go after them for space if they run. And they also arrive in groups, making them even more treacherous. There’re three diverse methods you may run into a few of the vicious pillagers.


Such parties actually have up to five pillagers within them and can also spawn with the vindicator or two on the higher difficulties. The vindicators are the other illager mob that can use the iron axe, chasing down the adversaries. They spawn arbitrarily at night and are not reliant on the close by outposts or villages like the other comes across with pillagers.

Pillagers Patrols

It denotes you can run into such patrols pretty much everywhere. The only method of dealing with the patrol is to either run or fight. Because of the group tactics and ranged capabilities, both options can be maddening if you are not ready properly. Beware; a few patrols will also accompany the pillager captain.


These are the pillager-specific structures that usually spawn just out of the village’s eyesight but never in or right away around them. Such outposts are the towers built mainly of the cobblestone and dark oak, providing them a threatening appearance. Pillagers can really spawn in the radius around such outposts and will assault any threat that comes within the border.

Outposts pillager

Other structures might create around the outpost of a pillager, comprising the dark oak cages that at times have the captive iron golems. Free such iron golems, and they’ll help you out in taking down these outposts. Or you can evade such outposts if you desire, and nothing will truly come of it. However, these outposts can have chests with some valuable loot in them, comprising Dark oak log, Potato, Carrot, Wheat, Iron ingot, Tripwire hook, Arrow, String, Enchanted book, Bottle o’ enchanting, and Crossbow.

If you decide to conquer the outpost, a disciplined move is preferred. Do not get caught in the fight outside where numerous pillagers can take you with the crossbows. Rather, concentrate on getting inside, where the close quarters cause crossbows to be useless. All the outposts will also have a captain of the pillager and, at times, as many as three, which is an exceptional variant that has a dark grey banner on the back.

If you beat the pillager captain successfully, two things will occur: the captain will plunge that grey banner that you can make use of as a decoration; you’ll get the Bad Omen effect, which is an off-putting effect that comes into play when you go in the village, which brings us to the final way of encountering pillagers.


These are surely the top feature of the Pillage and Village update. These are small boss fights in which you need to protect the village from wave after wave of intruding pillagers. Such pillagers are many and determined to wipe out the whole village, more than that, a new aggressive mob known as the ravager can also join the fray for wreaking havoc. Before tackling the basics of the raids and how you can evade watching the whole pillage perish, let’s cover how such raids happen.

pillager Raids

It is not only an unfortunate coincidence that provokes the raid whenever you enter the preferred village. Raids are actually activated when a player enters the border of a village troubled with the Bad Omen effect. This off-putting effect does not hurt you or otherwise have any effect on the abilities but can be damaging to the health of your village if you are not cautious.

How Do You Really Get The Bad Omen Effect?

As mentioned earlier, when you defeat the captain of a pillager in the fight, you get the Bad Omen effect for sixty minutes, throughout which any village is at risk if you move towards it. What is more, this effect can heap up to six times with every consecutive pillager captain you beat, with every level boosting the difficulty by giving more opponents enchanted weapons for the village attack. You may be asking yourself why anybody would ever want to call a raid on an unfortunate village, but such raids are invincible militias of some creatures.

Bad Omen Effect

If you are adequately ready and have devotedly protected (pardon the alliterations) your village, raids can not just direct to the hefty bounty of experience points and the other loot from these creatures but also reduce the trade costs in a village. That is correct! If you defend against the raid from your village, you are rewarded by seeing the decreased costs for the limited time in a village. This optimistic effect is known as the Hero of the Village, and for a few, it will be the prime motivation for taking on such raids.

Relying on the level of difficulty, raids will either have three, five, or seven waves with different numbers of opponents. Raids also bring in other adversaries besides the traditional ones and the strange vindicator. You can find the majority of such illager mobs in the raid, in addition to a new sort of mob exclusive to the raids that have a mighty punch. You can find the mobs in the raid comprise:

  • Pillagers: The rank-and-file and go-to soldier in the raids with the crossbow.
  • Ravagers: The huge bull-like intimidating mobs assault by ramming into the opponents at high speeds and dealing enormous amounts of damage. They have large health amounts and can be ridden by the other illager mobs.
  • Evokers: These are one of the rarest aggressive mobs in this game and the other illager class member. They can cast different spells and also call hostile mobs known as vexes.
  • Witches: A vicious mob that can throw various poisons and potions at the opponents.
  • Vindicators: A more infrequent member of the ranks of pillagers with strangely dull iron axes that need additional effort for compensating.
  • Captains: Every raid wave will have a captain. Such captains have the same banners that the pillager captains do. Evokers, vindicators, and pillagers can all be captains. If a captain falls, the other illagers can take on the mantle by taking the banner.

How Can You End The Pillager Raid In Minecraft?

The only method of defeating the raid is to wipe out all the oncoming adversaries successfully or fail to defend your village. Beginning the raid warrants preparation, such as defenses for preventing your village from being overrun. For finishing the raid, you either need to wait it out (which can actually take more than one hour of the in-game time) or take out each hostile.

How Can You Really Defend From These Aggressive Pillagers?

Now that we have covered all you have to acquaint about these nasty creatures called pillagers, it may be necessary to comprehend how not to die when encountering them. Not just that, but the raids are a really serious danger to even the biggest village if you are not capable of stopping them in time. Fortunately, there’re some methods of making it a lot simpler.

Create A Perimeter:

The initial step is to create some sort of perimeter around the village. It can be some sort of moat, a trench that is no less than three blocks deep, a fence that is no less than two blocks high, or really anything that can stop the undesired parties from accessing your village proper. It is significant to keep in mind that making a protective perimeter around the village is more about control rather than, in fact, coping with different raids.

Pillagers are still capable of opening the doors just like the villagers, and unless you are actually planning on waiting them out, they do not just quit in any case. If you can control where these nasty pillagers will be, it is a lot simpler to cope with them when and how you desire to. No perimeter denotes pillagers are free for rampaging and obliterating as they want, and it is almost impossible for a single individual to mitigate all the resultant chaos. Retain information of where the entry points are and plan in view of that.

The Iron Golems Are Awesome:

Another method of assisting in the raids is by having your own army. The iron golems are sworn for protecting the villages, and the nasty pillagers are the mortal opponents. The iron golems will assault any pillager in the view right away and are an excellent distraction as well. Their large health amounts and high power of attack denote that they are incredibly effective at crowd control and are even capable of going toe-to-toe with the vicious ravager.

Placing the iron golems close to any entry points through the perimeter denotes the pillagers that do locate a way through need to cope with what’s essentially the fuming metal bear right away. Anything that will take the pillagers away from the villagers is really a plus, and these iron golems are not slackers at all. They will do their part to shrink the raid forces.

You Are Sort Of Overpowered:

Finally, you’re the most vital piece throughout the raid. Adequately ready, you are the most powerful force in this fantastic game, so it is ultimately up to the players to knock the heads around and kill as many pillagers as they can. I suggest complete iron armor or better, a crossbow or bow, the iron sword or better (a trident works as well), golden apples if possible, a lot of food and arrows, and of course for enchanting as much gear as the players can.

Stay smart, make use of the ranged weapons and chokepoints to the benefit, and be cautious of the overwhelming attacks dished out by the vicious ravagers. On the harder difficulties, the raid can get really chaotic. Still, if you are aided by iron golems and some sort of perimeter, you ought to not have any problems conquering the foes and emerging victorious.

Running For The Hills:

Villagers, it seems that were not in enough danger, so Mojang chose to shake everything up and append another major mechanic revolving around the scattered communities of Minecraft. The aggressive pillagers really are a hassle, but they are a fantastic way of profiting even more from trading, also racking up the different points of experience. You get really good at it; you can even have a collection of gently utilized crossbows and a few ornamental banners.

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