GPS Apps For Off-Road Racing

What Are The Best GPS Apps For Off-Road Racing?

Discovering the wilderness is something I like to do in all forms and shapes, and frequently we take our go-kart to remote places to escape from it all. How do you actually get there and back when there’s no phone service? It’s significant to have a great offline navigational map when you hit the road, particularly off-roading.

There’ll be several times when you’ll have no access to your internet. However, it’s significant to have an offline navigation application even for go-karting, hiking, on-road travel, and bicycling, as there might be times when you’ll lose access to your internet. These applications are accessible on iOS and android. No matter which program you choose, just make certain it has good reviews and offers offline access.

What Must An Off-Road Navigation Application Have?


Two significant things that the off-road vehicle navigation program ought to do are:

  • Offline maps
  • Rich map details that extend beyond the normal road system of the destinations you desire to travel
  • Tracking where you have been

All of the applications stated in this guide have at least these three features. However, on a few of these programs, you’ll have to pay either a once-off or membership fee. And a few applications will charge you even more for diverse map layers with additional information like private land borders or National Park borders.

Top Off-Road Navigation Applications:

  • Google Maps:

Google Maps? Sure, while it might come as a bombshell to you, you can make use of Google Maps offline and for off-roading purposes. It is not the best offline map tool, but it’s helpful to have. However, you can just make use of Google Maps offline if you first download the map of a zone.

For instance, if you live in NYC, you’ll need to download the NYC area to make use of Google Maps offline. For doing so, just enter the name of the area into Google Maps and search for the Download option.

You can zoom in/out for downloading a smaller or larger area. Remember that you can just make use of Google Maps offline in certain nations. Also, it just offers driving directions when utilized offline.

There’s no updated traffic data, and it also will not provide you with walking directions when utilized offline. However, as I stated above, it’s helpful to know that you can utilize it offline since it comes preinstalled on the majority of Android phones anyway.

  • Avenza Maps:

Avenza Maps is an awesome application for the offline map requirements, whether you’ll be driving off-road, hiking, or go-karting. Not just do they have maps from the national parks, Bureau of Land Management, and National Geographic, but you can also import the custom maps, which you’ve made for the unique routes.

Whether you desire to go fishing or backpacking in the woods, you can make use of Avenza Maps. It’s free to utilize, though a few maps are premium. It’s also awesome for go-karting and cycling.

Even when you’re offline, you can find the real-time GPS location, whether you’re in a metropolis or a forest. You can append the custom highlights to maps and select different icons to make the highlights simpler to recognize.


Track, navigate, and travel around with Gaia GPS. Millions of individuals worldwide have utilized this app for hunting, hiking, skiing, camping, and exploring the back roads on go-karts. Gaia GPS assists you in locating a campsite deep in the backcountry or on the road.

As the camping application, Gaia GPS offers public land data for assisting you in staying legal, maps with forests, parks, and campsites, and also the weather overlays. You can mark different waypoints for making your own reference road maps, camping maps, and MVUM (Motor Vehicle Use Maps) for plotting overland, 4×4, and go-karting routes. Make use of this app in the vehicle’s dash through Apple CarPlay.

  • Fat Map:

It’s an awesome application if you desire offline 3D maps. The 3D maps have all types of helpful data, like peaks, footpaths, and more. There are many topo layers accessible, and you’ll also get helpful info like real-time snow situations, comprising future snow forecasts and snow depth. You’ll even see which ski runs and lifts are closed or open. Not all ski resorts offer this feature, but several do, making it a fantastic skiing tool.

  • National Park Trail Guide:

This application is also an Editor’s Choice on the Google Play Store. It’s a fantastic application to have if you’re focusing the escapades on national parks. A few of the national parks that this tool supports are the Great Smoky, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, Zion National Park, and a lot of other well-known parks.

The app’s user community rates hikes and trails. Simply make use of the Best Of list for locating the top-rated trails in any specified national park. You don’t require internet access to use this app. You can make use of it offline.

You can plan an awesome route utilizing the integrated difficulty ratings based on the off-roading experience level. You can also see insights about camping, seasons, and where to consume. There’s even an exclusive list of Family Friendly Hikes. This list is excellent if you want to hike with your children.


There are a lot of other applications available that are great as well. However, the applications in this above list have a lot of good reviews and downloads, making them a few of the top for the off-road map requirements.

If you want to make use of some other application, see the average review ratings before downloading it. Also, make certain that you can download applications for free. A few applications may have offline in the title but need you to pay for downloading applications.

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