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[Solved] Fixing Google Chrome Running Slow Issue On Windows 10 & Mac – 2021!

World’s one of the most preferred and best browsers, Google Chrome is an extensively utilized browser. However, everything turns out frustrating and annoying when Google Chrome is slow as it reduces the loading speed of the web page and obstructs work productivity.

Usually, Google Chrome slow problems take place when the user has opened a lot of tabs as every tab takes up a lot of resources, leading to the sudden crashing of Google Chrome or Google Chrome running slow issues. There are many causes that contribute to Google Chrome running slow. However, all such problems can easily be managed in simple ways that are straightforward and quick to execute.

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Troubleshooting Google Chrome Running Slow Problem On Windows 10 And Mac:


Common Symptoms When Google Chrome Is Slow:

  • The web page is slow for rendering fully
  • Users come across lags while switching between different tabs and while searching for something using the search box
  • Receiving Aw snap something went wrong error message over and over again
  • Platforms such as Youtube keep buffering and showing the white space

Major Reasons Which Actually Makes Chrome Slow:

  • Google Chrome extensions inflicting
  • Program and software updates
  • Limited hardware support and local storage
  • Background applications and digital downloads
  • Bad or disruptive internet connection

Before going forward to the troubleshooting instructions for Chrome slow to load, make certain that you don’t have any of the problems mentioned above that can direct to Google Chrome being lagging or unresponsive.

Fixes For Google Chrome Slow On Windows 10:

For resolving Chrome slow on Win 10 concern, users need first to reboot the PC so that the OS gets refreshed and gets rid of the corrupt temporary data. However, there are other causes and reasons for Chrome running slow, and two major ones are:

  • Slow or unstable internet connection
  • A lot of tabs are open simultaneously

Fix#1: Disabling The Browser Extensions

In case the Google Chrome web browser has many extensions installed and running, then it can be one of the main triggers for the Google Chrome loading slow issue. So, in case you’ve some extensions installed, disable them by following these steps:

  • First of all, launch the Chrome web browser > simply click on Customize & Control Chrome icon nestled in the upper corner.
  • After that, from the drop-down menu, choose More tools > Extensions.
  • Now, search for the extension you want to remove or disable from the extensions tab.
  • Then, for disabling the extension, simply click on the toggle switch that can be found at the bottom of your extension box.
  • For annihilating it, simply click on the Remove option.

Fix#2: Turning Off The Hardware Acceleration

It’s a feature that permits your PC to move particular tasks that are more often than not accomplished by CPU to GPU, and it frequently triggers chrome loading slow. For checking, users ought to turn off the hardware acceleration.

  • First of all, launch the Chrome web browser.
  • After that, click on Customize & Control Google Chrome.
  • Then, scroll down > click on the Show Advanced Settings option.
  • Now, go to System > Hardware Acceleration and simply turn it off.

Fix#3: Trying Renaming The Default Folder

The default folder is the spot where web browsers save the profile, and in case if such data has been corrupted, it can direct to Chrome slow Win 10. Follow these easy steps to do the same:

  • First off, launch Windows Explorer.
  • Then, simply paste it in the address bar: %LOCALAPPDATA%\Google\Chrome\User Data\
  • Now search for the folder that is named Default and simply rename it to Backup Default.

Fix#4: Resetting Your PC Network Adapter

Follow these simple steps for executing the same:

  • First of all, hit the Windows + X button at the same time > choose Command Prompt (Admin).
  • Now, enter netsh winsock reset > reboot your PC.

Fix#5: Reinstalling Chrome For Eradicating The Google Chrome is Slow Problem

  • First off, close all the Chrome tabs and windows.
  • Then, click on the Start menu > click on Apps.
  • Now, find and click on Google Chrome under Apps & Feature.
  • After that, click on Uninstall.
  • Make sure to check the Also delete the browsing data option.
  • Now, click on Uninstall
  • Once it’s uninstalled, simply reboot the PC > reinstall Google Chrome over again.

The troubleshooting ways mentioned above will certainly assist you in getting rid of the Google Chrome slow issue on Windows 10 and provide the best fix for Windows 10 very slow and unresponsive issues of the users.

Fixing Google Chrome Running Slow Issue

Troubleshooting Tips For Google Chrome Slow On Mac:

Fix#1: Clearing Cookies, Cache, And Website Data

It’s one of the simplest methods for resolving the problems of Chrome running slow. Moreover, it frequently speeds up everything without much effort. Furthermore, for a speedy outcome, users can make use of CleanMyMac for cleaning the caches of Google Chrome and any other web browsers. It’s comparatively simple as users can clear the cookies and cache with a click and not go deep in the settings.

However, if you clear cookies, cache, and other website data, there’s a chance that you may face Google Chrome not saving password problems. And so, we’d suggest you write down all your passwords and then clear all the temporary files to avoid any glitches at the time of signing in to different accounts from Google.

Fix#2: Checking Extensions

At times, Google Chrome runs slowly because of different extensions, and hence users ought to check whether the Google Chrome slow issue is because of such unnecessary extensions.

Fix#3: Resetting The Flags To Default Setting

Setting the flags back to their default settings at times works and amp up Google Chrome’s speed

Fix#4: Resetting Google Chrome

In case none of the methods mentioned above assisted you in fixing the problem of why Google Chrome is so slow, then you can simply reset all of Chrome browser settings and restore it to the freshly installed state.

Fix#5: Trying Chrome Canary

Another tip is to contemplate installing Chrome Canary, which is the beta version of Google Chrome meant for developers and early adopters. However, it’s less stable than Google Chrome but has all the updates, and a few Mac users are having a great time using Chrome Canary.

Track and follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned above for Chrome running slow on Mac. It’ll certainly assist you in fixing the concern efficiently.

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