Google Assistant From Randomly Popping Up

How Can You Stop The Google Assistant From Randomly Popping Up?

Google Assistant is a very useful and smart program that can really make lives simpler for the users of Android. It’s the personal assistant that makes use of Artificial Intelligence for optimizing the user experience.

It can do many cool things such as setting reminders, managing the schedule, sending text messages, making phone calls, cracking jokes, searching the web, singing songs, etc. You can also have straightforward and yet amusing conversations with it.

It can learn about the choices and preferences you have and can also improve itself slowly. Since it’s an Artificial Intelligence, it continuously gets better with time and is really becoming able to do more and more. In simple words, it keeps appending to the features list continuously, and it really makes it such an exciting part of Android smartphones. However, it has its own share of glitches and bugs.

Google Assistant is not perfect and, at times, doesn’t behave right. One of the most common issues with Google Assistant is that it automatically keeps popping up on the screen and disrupts whatever you’re doing on your device. It’s quite problematic for the users. If you’re also coming across this issue quite frequently, then it is now time for you to know how to stop Google Assistant from popping up.

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Here’s How To Stop Google Assistant From Popping Up:


You can try out the following fixes to get rid of this issue right away:

Fix#1: Disabling The Google Assistant 

Here’re the simple steps for easily disabling Google assistant:

Disabling The Google Assistant 

  • First of all, open the Google tool on the phone > simply tap on the More section from the bottom.
  • After that, tap Settings followed by Google Assistant.
  • Then, go to the Assistant section > scroll down > select the Phone option.
  • Switch the toggle for Google Assistant off.

You can also utilize other fixes to open Google Assistant settings and eventually switch off this feature. Even if you’ve disabled it, sometimes, it can keep asking you to switch it on. In a few cases, you’ll be greeted by some notification that says the Google Assistant is ready to help you get different things done. For stopping this frustrating act, check the other fixes.

Fix#2: Turning The Voice Access Off For The Google Assistant

For preventing Google Assistant from popping up randomly after being caused by some sound input, you can switch off your voice access for the Google Assistant.

Turning The Voice Access Off For The Google Assistant

Even if you disable your Google Assistant, your voice-activated feature doesn’t get disabled. It’d just ask you to enable the Google Assistant again each time it gets triggered. For preventing that from happening, follow these steps:

  • First of all, navigate to the settings menu of the device.
  • Then, simply go to the Apps option.
  • Now, choose Default Apps > Assistance and voice input.
  • Now, go to the Assist app option.
  • Here, simply choose Voice Match.
  • After that, simply toggle the Hey Google setting off.
  • Now, reboot your device after this to make sure that all the changes are applied successfully.

Fix#3: Clearing The Cache For The Google Applications

If the issue’s source is some sort of bug, then simply clearing the Google app’s cache frequently can fix the issue. Removing these cache files would not trigger any complications.

Clearing The Cache For The Google Applications

The program would make a fresh set of cache files automatically that it requires while working. It’s a simple procedure that would require you to:

  • First, go to the Settings menu of the phone > open Apps/Apps and notifications/Installed apps, relying on which option shows up on the device you have.
  • Choose Google. You’ll then be taken to the screen of App info.
  • Here, choose Storage > Clear cache. Clearing the cache files is diverse from clearing data/storage as it’ll not remove any data from the program.
  • Reboot the device, and the ghost of Google Assistant ought to have gone away.

Fix#4: Disabling Google Assistant From Accessing Your Headphone

Mostly, this issue appears while utilizing earphones/headphones with a mic. You may be watching a film or listening to different songs when suddenly Google Assistant appears with its distinct sound. It can also interrupt the streaming and can really ruin the experience.

Disabling Google Assistant From Accessing Your Headphone

More often than not, Google Assistant is created for popping-up only when the users long-press the Play or Pause button on their headphones.

However, because of some bug or glitch, it may appear even without pressing this button. It’s also possible that your phone recognizes something that you say as Hey Google or Ok Google, which triggers your Google Assistant. For preventing that from taking place, you have to disable the permission for accessing your headphone.

  • First of all, navigate to the Settings menu of the phone.
  • Now, choose the Google section > go to the Account Services option.
  • Now choose Search, Assistant, and Voice.
  • After that, go to the Voice section. Here, simply switch off the settings for Allow the wired headset requests with the device locked and Allow the Bluetooth requests with the device locked.
  • Now, you have to reboot your phone and check if the issue still persists.


Sure, anybody would hate the random Google Assistant popping up, but it is not an awful product. Google Assistant not just can assist you in taking notes and creating different lists among the many other things, but it is quite funny as well. Hopefully, now that you know how to stop Google Assistant from popping up, you will get rid of this issue immediately after experiencing it. I hope once the problems with the Google Assistant fix you can begin exploring it further.

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