Gallery Has Stopped” Error On Samsung Galaxy S3

How To Fix “Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped” Error On Samsung Galaxy S3?

In case you come across the error reading Gallery Has stopped, do not be anxious; as a result of it might be simply fixed. It’s an issue with the purposes of the cellphone and nothing more than that. Since this issue largely occurs after the updating of your device software program, most people have a tendency to think that this bug is brought on by the firmware on your cellphone, which is not always the case.

In the majority of cases, this annoying problem might be a result of a few of the corrupted info that is always on standby, ready for clearance. It’s the most sensible move for you to take for overcoming this issue that might be troubling you.

You’re supposed to have each the cache reminiscence and all diverse gallery knowledge in the gallery tool for the Galaxy S3 to function completely. The very best ways on How To Fix Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped Error On Samsung Galaxy S3 are listed down below.

How To Fix “Unfortunately, Gallery Has Stopped” Error On Samsung Galaxy S3?


 Gallery Has Stopped” Error On Samsung Galaxy S3

You can make use of the following fixes to get rid of this issue:

Fix#1: Clearing Cache And Knowledge From The Gallery Tool

Take the following steps for clearing the cache of the gallery app:

  • First of all, pull down the notification bar from the Home display screen of the Galaxy S3.

notification bar

  • After that, go to the setting icon that can be found at the upper-right corner > select the More icon.


  • You should then navigate to the Application Manager > select it.

Application Manager

  • Now, you can scroll to your left or even to the right for choosing the All tab.
  • Then, navigate to the Gallery part > tap on the Force Stop button.
  • Next, choose clear knowledge > choose OK > click on it.
  • You should then navigate to Clear cache and select it.

Clear cache

Once it’s done, the phone will be fine and will now start working nicely. Following these simple steps, one can simply fix the, Unfortunately; Gallery has stopped the issue on Samsung Galaxy S3. However, there’re diverse ways as nicely as this one to fix this error, and in case the above method does not work for you, move onto the next one.

Fix#2: Removing Your SD Card

At times, SD cards can also be the cause of this issue. In case any of the contents of your SD card is corrupted, and you’re trying to copy, open, or delete the photographs that are found within your exterior SD card, it is gonna give such an error then.

 Removing Your SD Card

So, what you are needed to do is simply remove your SD card and check if the issue still persists or it goes away. In case you do not encounter the same issue, then the suspicion is true. So, you can store your photographs in some other machine, after which you can reinsert your exterior card and format it.

Fix#3: Factory Resetting

If all diverse methods fail to fix the issue, factory resetting is the final resort that can restore the default factory settings together with getting rid of all of the errors which are interrupting the conventional working in your Galaxy S3 device. But take the backup first as this, of course, will remove the whole lot. Once you are done with the backup, go to the Settings menu > choose Backup and reset > select the Factory knowledge reset option,

Factory Resetting

and the machine will reboot.


These are the methods for unraveling the gallery that has stopped the problem on Galaxy S3; try them out one after the other, and it will help you in getting rid of the issue with ease.

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