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How To Fix Galaxy Note 4 Screen Remains Black After Phone Call?

Galaxy Note 4 is little doubt, one of the best smartphones in our time; however, like diverse smartphones users are going through points with this phone additionally. SD card overheating issues are pretty common that can be experienced by many Note 4 users.

Another problem is with its display screen that is giving quite a bit of trouble to the users. Galaxy Note 4 display screen remains black after phone calls. Nothing might be accomplished with the phone till it is switched off using the Power button and switched back on. For a few users, this problem occurs after each call.

Triggers Behind The Note 4 Display Screen Remains Darkish After Calls Issue:


The proximity sensor of the Galaxy Note 4 is almost certainly the main reason behind this concern. The sensor is used by the Note 4 throughout the name with the purpose of examining the place off the face. If the face is close to your phone, the show does not lit frequently if you are in the name.

Note 4 Display Screen Remains Darkish

But if the proximity sensor is lined or blocked, then it can occur that the device remains on the calling standing although the place off your cellphone. So the very first thing you should look at is that if the proximity sensor of the Note 4 has been blocked or lined with one thing. The sensor will probably be discovered next to the earpiece. So the problems you need to look at are:

  • Is any mud or dust is there in the entrance of your sensor?
  • And in case you’re making use of any display screen protector, then is it overlaying your sensor and never allowing it to work properly?

Steps For Fixing The Note 4 Display Screen Darkish Issue After Calls:

If the proximity sensor is roofed, then you need to clear it with the aim to function properly, but when it is not the issue, then you need to look at the values of the proximity sensor by navigating to the service menu of the Note 4.

  • First of all, go to the phone app on the Galaxy Note 4.
  • Then, enter the *#zero*# code.
  • After that, tap on the Sensor option within the service menu.
  • The second one is recognized as the Proximity sensor.
  • Ten to fifteen has to be the value of the ADC with the aim to the proximity sensor of the Galaxy Note 4 functions properly. If the value is near fifty, which denotes there might be some problem with mud.
  • The value of Proximity has to be 0.

If you notice that the mud is the problem, then you need to clear it. Blow some air into your sensor, the mud will be gone, and the proximity sensor may start working properly.

How To Fix Display Screen Lagging?

Besides the Galaxy Note 4 display screen remains a black issue, one other frequent problem linked to the display screen that users are experiencing is the display screen lagging.

Display Screen Lagging

This issue occurs whereas typing on your keyboard when you try to go back to the house display screen and switching between processes, and so on.

  • For repairing this error, you first need to go to the Settings menu > open About Device > tap on the Build quantity.
  • Remember, you need to tap on this feature seven instances.
  • Now, go back to the Settings menu again, and it’s great to now check the option recognized as Developer options.
  • Tap on it, and now you can set the Animator Duration Scale, Transition Animation Scale, and Window Animation Scale down to zero.5 or zero from 1.

You do not desire to stay with TouchWiz, as many Note 4 users have found out that the Samsung UI (user interface) is the trigger behind this lagging issue. You can make use of one other launcher (for example, the Nova launcher) and check if it really works better.

How To Check For Updates?

You might look for the updates released by Samsung by navigating to the Settings menu > open About Device > go to Software Updates > click on Update Now.

Check For Updates

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