Profile Visitors In Facebook

Is It Possible To Find The Profile Visitors In Facebook? If So, How?

Facebook is a social media service based in California. It was founded by a guy named Mark Zuckerberg and a few of his Harvard fellow students & roommates. One can access FB from any of the devices such as mobile phones or PC etc., having internet connectivity.

You can also share videos, text, photos, and many other things with your friends using this platform.

But with such a huge development and advancement, there’re a few loopholes that are required to be covered. Such loopholes are security problems, such as who viewed the profile and many others.

The major reason for that is because FB is an open-world social media platform with a huge user base, and people can easily visit and make use of the pictures of others in some wrong manner or other.

That’s because a lot of uncountable false profiles still exist on Facebook, which you have to take care of. People can also make use of the personal info of any individual in a false manner that might hinder the reputation of the individual. In our everyday life, we encounter a lot of situations of fraud through false accounts.

Profile Visitors In Facebook

These at times have to direct to the loss of money or loss of life of the individual. But there are also a few other causes because of which the users desire to acquaint themselves about who has viewed the profile. So, if you’re among the people who also desired to know about the individual who viewed the profile, then this info is for you.

It’s the one-stop spot where you can have the complete data related to the matter of who saw the profile. Perhaps you’ve tried many times on Facebook to know about who saw your profile.

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4 Best Methods To Find Out Who Viewed The Facebook Profile:


You can make use of the following methods to know who viewed your Facebook profile:

Method#1: Find Out Who Saw Your Facebook Profile ( For iOS Application)

Currently, FB has added a fantastic new feature to find out who viewed your profile. This fantastic feature allows you to see who visited the Facebook account in the last thirty days. You need to follow the below steps to find out:

  • First of all, sign in to the Facebook account > click on the three links to open the main drop-down menu.
  • After that, navigate to the Privacy Shortcuts option.
  • Here, you will see a new feature called Who viewed my profile.

Note: This feature is accessible just for the iOS Application for now.

Method#2: Manually Find Out Who Saw Your Facebook Profile (For The Desktop Users) (100% Working)

This method is at times contemplated to be a little time-consuming by a few of the users, but then this is the most helpful and widely utilized method.

  • For this, you ought to go to your official Facebook profile timeline page of yours. Now it might take a little time to load the page. So, you ought to wait for a little while the loading finishes.
  • After that, the user ought to simply right-click anywhere on that page > choose view page source (You can also make use of the CTRL + U keys from your keyboard to view the page source). Then, a new tab will automatically appear on the screen. This tab will have a few of the codes of your source. It’ll also have complete details.
  • Then, hold the CTRL + F buttons from your keyboard, which will open the search box, > copy and paste {“BUDDY_ID”} there.
  • Next, you’ll see a few profile IDs of the individuals who visited the profile. Now simply copy this profile ID (any fifteen-digit number).
  • After that, go to > simply paste the ID you have copied (such as The first ID will show you the individual who has visited or viewed the profile most of the time.

Method#3: With The Help Of Chrome Extension

This one is the simplest and the most dependable method to find out who viewed your profile. This way can also save you a lot of your time. To begin with, you have to follow a few of the given steps. After that, the user might feel safe and comfortable as they can find out who had visited their profile.

  • So, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to get to your Social profile extension page simply.
  • There, you can see the add to chrome option at the top. It’ll assist you in enabling the extension to get added to the web browser.
  • The procedure may need some downloading tasks, so wait for some time. Once the downloading is finished, simply click on the add extension.
  • After finishing the above steps, you’ll reach a few of the final steps. Now go to and sign in using the account details to find out who visited your profile and not your friends.
  • Once the Facebook profile gets loaded, you can notice a timeline bar. This bar will show a new option for the visitor. It’s the individual who has viewed your profile.

Method#4: Utilizing A Few iOS Applications

The methods mentioned above are enough to find out who visited your profile, but then too if you’re a user of an iOS device and are coming across the issue so this one’s for you. a few of their users might come across the issue of appending the extension or other.

So, to solve this issue, a lot of iOS designers and developers have created an app called social Fan. This tool will offer you complete data about who visited your profile. The program is accessible in the iTunes store for all iOS devices. This tool will assist you in getting social support that allows you to see who has visited the profile.


The methods given above will assist you out with the query. Also, some fresh news and data revealed that FB has now offered a separate option in the app. This option will directly assist you in finding out who has viewed your profile.

Earlier because of a few of the security issues and rumors, this option wasn’t accessible. But with development and updates in user interface and security, this option is now accessible for all Facebook users. Hence, it’s clear that we now have an option accessible to find out who has visited our Facebook profile.


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