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How Do I Find Someone’s Email Using Facebook?

Quick Way To Find Someone’s Email Using Facebook:


In this post, we will go through diverse ways to find somebody’s email address on Facebook. There are four main ways for doing that:

  • Checking the individual’s Facebook profile 
  • Asking for their email address directly
  • Making use of the email finder program
  • Importing emails from Facebook utilizing the email account provider

By the end of this post, you will know exactly how you can find that email address, one way or another. Let’s begin.

The Ways For Finding Somebody’s Email Address On Facebook:

Somebody’s Email Address On Facebook

Here’re the four ways to use Facebook for finding somebody’s email address:

Method#1: Checking The Individual’s Facebook Profile; About Page

Facebook Profile

Checking an individual’s Facebook profile is the first thing you ought to try when searching for their email address. Here is how you can do that:

Step#1: Sign In And Look Up The Profile

You will have to have your own FB account for this method to work.

  • Begin by signing into the Facebook account.
  • Once you are on your home page, search for the search bar.
  • If you are on a PC, it ought to be in the top left corner.
  • If you are utilizing your smartphone, locate the looking glass icon at the top corner of your page.
  • On the search bar, type in the prospect’s name > hit Enter.
  • After that, click the right profile to open it.

Step#2: Look Up The Information

  • Once you are on the profile page of the prospect, navigate to the About section, and open it.
  • Here, you will locate the main public information of the prospect, like the places of their education, city of residence, current romantic status, and a lot more.
  • If you desire to personalize the email, you can also make use of such public details to search for things you have in common, such as school history or Facebook friends.

Step#3: Search For The Email Address

  • Navigate to the Contact and basic info section once you have the relevant details.
  • Here, you will be capable of looking up the public contact information of the prospect, such as their websites, mobile number, social links, and, yes, their email address.

It’ll just work according to the privacy settings they have set up. If their email address does not show, then they have possibly made this detail private, so you will need to continue with the next method.

Method#2: Asking For Their Email Address Directly (If It Is Hidden Or Private)

Email Address

If looking for the email address on the public profile was not working, you can try to ask them for it directly.

  • Navigate to the About section of the profile of the prospect and open Contact and basic info.
  • When their email is set to private, and it is hidden from you, in place of seeing the email, you might see an option reading Ask for Email.
  • If you click on this option, Facebook will message that prospect, telling them that you are requesting their email. It’s a completely automated message that you would not be capable of personalizing or tailoring, so make use of it just when a personal message is not the best option.

If this option is hidden for you, or if you desire to make use of a more personal touch, you can opt for sending a direct message to that individual. Just keep in mind to keep your message short, establish who you really are and why you desire their email, to have a better chance of success.

Method#3: Making Use Of Then Email Finder Program

At times, the best method to locate somebody’s Facebook email is by locating it indirectly. Whereas you can search for somebody’s information directly into the public info, you can also leverage some 3rd-party email finder programs that have collected public info for a long time.

Email Address Finder

It can assist you in searching for some profiles in bulk and obtain their email addresses, even if they are set to private already. If that is the situation, you will require an email finder program. Here’re the best options you can go for:


This program was developed back in 2015 by Sendersystems Limited. It’s another recruiting platform with several features to assist recruiters in handling their prospects. With this tool, recruiters can handle training through in-person and live online sessions and documentation.

They can also make use of it for locating phone numbers and email addresses in bulk or individually. With its Chrome extension, they can also get more details about a prospect while searching up the Facebook page and other social media, obtaining their phone numbers, emails, and other social networks as they look through.


Hiretual is an artificial intelligence-powered recruiting platform that was newly formed in Mountain View, California. Its focal point is on assisting recruiters in reaching individuals faster by automating a few processes. With Hiretual, you can source across over forty platforms, comprising social media, for obtaining the emails and other contact details you are searching for.

They can also make use of Hiretuial for screening thousands of candidates at once, managing their talent pools, collaborating with the teams, and gaining information on their processes using the Reports page.

Atomic Email Hunter:

This tool is the bulk email marketing program for online businesses with the FB email extractor add-on. This program permits users to search up emails with URLs. For making use of it, you can scrape the email addresses from different FB profiles by utilizing their FB plug-in.

  • Once installed successfully, they can log in to their Facebook account and identify the keywords they desire to look for.
  • Then they choose the profiles they are actually interested in getting details from.
  • Lastly, with the hit of a button, the program will scrape all the details related to the prospect, including email addresses and other public details.

Although it’s an extremely expensive option, it might be worth it if you have an FB profile with thousands of contacts or if you constantly make use of Facebook as the main source of prospects.


Discoverly is created to give recruiters a little better context. The program aggregates an individual’s social information across Facebook, Gmail, Linked In, and Twitter and populates a small sidebar in the email inbox. When it comes to locating email addresses, the program asks you to enter some possible email permutations, and this program identifies the most likely addresses.

Facebook Email Extractor:

This tool is reasonably priced, even though limited to some extent. You can use this program for scraping FB profiles for email addresses. The user interface is limited and not extremely easy to use, which is obviously reflected in its reasonable pricing.

With it, you can search for particular keywords in numerous search engines, such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing, and across numerous social media platforms comprising Facebook. You can even identify the kind of email address you are searching for, business or personal.

Once the program has located the email addresses, you can export them into CSV, Excel, and Text for integrating them into the mailing platform. It does not authenticate emails for you, so you will still require an email verifier to avoid bounce backs.

Method#4: Importing Email Addresses From Facebook Using An Email Account Provider

Although it is not an extremely renowned feature, Facebook lets you import all the contacts into the email provider. It offers you all of the details you require, particularly when looking through various contacts. Here is how:


Yahoo is an extremely simple program to make use of when exporting email addresses from the FB account because of the Facebook integration. This integration speeds up the procedure, allowing you to export emails quickly.

Step#1: Sign In Or Make The Yahoo Email Account

Begin by signing into the Yahoo email account. If you do not have one, you can rapidly make one. You might also desire to make a new account so that you can get a unique and clean backup of the email accounts of your Facebook friends, so you do not need to separate them manually from the rest of the saved emails.

While logging up, Yahoo provides you with the option of importing your contacts from several sources, including Facebook, to get you on track. It’ll make the process much quicker. If you choose this option, then simply jump to step#3.

Step#2: Export The Facebook Email Addresses

  • If you have not made a new account, you can begin to get Facebook email addresses from the FB account by simply clicking on the Import contacts program and selecting Facebook.
  • It’ll open a new window for you to sign in to your Facebook account.
  • Once you have signed in, you can begin exporting the Facebook email addresses and automatically importing them directly into the Yahoo account.

Step#3: Exporting The Email Addresses From The Yahoo Account

Once you have finished importing all the Facebook email addresses to the Yahoo account, you can begin exporting them from the account. It’ll let you get them into a different file that you can then utilize for importing into the mailing platform.

  • Navigate to the Yahoo Address Book > choose Tool Export.
  • Here you can enter the preferences about the type of file and details you desire to download.
  • Then, all you require is to download the file, and you will have a file with all the details and emails of your Facebook friends.

Outlook & Gmail:

Although Facebook does not have direct Outlook or Gmail integrations, you can still import your Facebook emails into the email account. Here is how you can do that:

Step#1: Navigate To The Facebook Page That Saves The Information

  • The first thing you have to carry out is to navigate to the Facebook Information.
  • Open Facebook > click the arrow pointing downward from the top corner.
  • After that, choose Settings and Privacy > click Settings.
  • Once you are in the Settings menu, look to the left for the Your Facebook Information option > click on it. That’s where you can download all the details you require.

Step#2: Download The Details You Require

  • Click on the Download my information option. You will then be taken to another page where you can choose which details you desire.
  • Begin by deselecting all > choose Friends, and, if you desire to expand the reach, simply choose Followers.
  • Fortunately, you do not require much quality when it comes to text, so you can just overlook it; simply choose HTML as the format > click Create File.
  • It might take some time, from some seconds to some minutes. Once the details are ready to download, you will get a notification informing you about it.
  • Click on it > click Download.
  • You might be asked to log in once again to prove that you are the real owner of this particular Facebook profile.

Step#3: Get Your Data You Require

  • You ought to now have the zip file with the details you require. Extract that file > open the file named Friends.
  • Since you cannot import the information to Gmail with your HTML file, you will have to convert it to the CSV file.
  • For doing that, you can make use of a free online program such as Convertio, which lets you convert from HTML to CSV.
  • Simply click that link > upload the file > select Convert. Once it is all set, you can download the CSV file.

Step#4a: Import It To Your Gmail Account

  • Now that you’ve your CSV file, simply navigate to Google Contacts.
  • To begin, click on Import > choose the CSV file > hit OK. Once your import is over, you will be capable of opening Gmail and seeing all the Facebook contacts.

Step#4b: Import It To Your Outlook Account

  • If you desire to import the data to the Outlook account, then navigate to Outlook 2016 > click on File.
  • After that, click on the Open and Export option > choose Import/Export. It’ll open a wizard.
  • Simply choose the Import from another program or file option.
  • Next, choose the CSV file and import it. When you are through, you will see a dialog box reading something like the following actions will be performed. Simply click on Finish, and then you’ll have all your email addresses in the Outlook account.


As you can see, locating somebody’s email on Facebook can be simple, as long as you have the correct programs. If you are a Business to Customer Company, harnessing Facebook’s potential can be the key to reaching the users and setting up a great audience.

If you desire to take all the guesswork out of the procedure, you can make use of any of the tools mentioned above, which will allow you to get email addresses not only from Facebook but from all sources offline and online.


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