Is It Possible To Find Someone On Facebook Using Their Phone Number?

Facebook today is one of the most known social media platforms in the world, with amazing features that’d definitely blow your mind. There are many methods of locating or searching for friends on Facebook, even ways you may not have even heard about. And the way we are talking about is searching through the mobile number of a person.

That’s not an extremely well-liked feature among the majority of Facebook users, so it may be new to you; but, no worries, because in this article, I’d be providing you some information about how to search for someone on Facebook using their phone number. One of the major reasons Facebook ever asked users to append their mobile number was for additional security.

But appending the number serves as more than just security; individuals could really locate you on FB by searching for the number. In this article, we’d be providing you some details about how searching using a mobile number really works on this platform.

Is It Really Possible To Locate Someone’s Facebook Profile By Just Having Their Phone Number?


If the being who called you does, in fact, have an FB account, it ought to be relatively simple to locate utilizing services such as GoLookUp. Contemplating that, according to Statista, FB has 2.41 billion active users; it seems improbable that this individual could not have an FB account.

According to a post published on CNBC, Facebook now needs users to append their phone numbers under the guise of additional security, and there is no way to avoid it. It really makes it nearly certain that if the individual has an FB account with the phone number setting set to everyone, they can easily be located utilizing just that number.

Let’s be honest, not many individuals have contemplated even thinking about changing their number setting. Plus, even if they had contemplated attempting to hide the phone number, according to a post published in TechCrunch, albeit FB now has the option to make numbers private, it is still possible to search up user profiles in other manners. Therefore, it seems extremely likely that you can locate someone’s FB profile with just their phone number.

Issue With Searching For Someone On FB Using Their Phone Number:

When it comes to how you can search somebody on FB using their phone number, FB really has made many adjustments. Before, the majority of individuals see it as a method of looking up others’ profiles and even target them with advertisements without providing them an option to opt-out. Because of that, FB has limited the feature.

Now, you can’t just look for somebody through their mobile number and locate them. Now users can really hide their number from the general public and put restrictions on the people who can search them up using their number. Now, FB provided users with the different options for fixing the issue by giving them the below options of who can search them up using their number:

  • Everyone,
  • Friends, and
  • Friends of friends.

It denotes that if you set it to everyone, every single individual on FB with the mobile number could find the Facebook account.

Find Someone On Facebook Using Their Phone Number

How Can You Search For Someone On FB Using Their Phone Number?

Looking for individuals on Facebook using their mobile number isn’t very complicated; all you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, open a Facebook account using the Facebook web or app.
  • Once you have opened the app, find the Facebook search bar on the main page.
  • After that, enter the mobile number of the individual you desire to find.
  • Then, press enter and that is it. You would then be directed to the individual’s profile you’re searching for on Facebook.

But if any limitations were made concerning who can look up the individual you desire to look for on the Facebook account, and unluckily you’re not a part of the people that can look for the individual, you’d not locate him or her using their mobile number.

Alternative Methods Of Locating Someone On Facebook:

  • Locate The Person Using Username:

If you have the mobile number of the individual accessible, you can easily message the user on WhatsApp or SMS to get the Facebook account. It’s the simplest method of finding someone’s Facebook profile without having to invest hours searching for it. This way really works when the user hasn’t linked their FB account to the phone number.

  • Locate Account Through School:

Another method of locating a Facebook account is by looking up the school they attended. It’s a whole lot simpler to locate a Facebook account with the college or school name, as the majority of individuals put the name of the school they attended on the Facebook account.


These were some methods you could find an individual on Facebook. It goes without saying that locating a user on Facebook is simpler when you have their phone number saved on the smartphone.

However, the user has to have linked the Facebook account to the phone number for you to locate their Facebook ID. If you still cannot locate the user on Facebook, the only option you are left with is just to message them.


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