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Here’s How To Factory Reset An Alienware Laptop

If you have a similar query as well about the Alienware factory reset, then it’d be a perfect guide for you. Dell is the owner of Alienware. It’s a dedicated series of desktops and laptops that are majorly created for high-end processing.

While Alienware systems have a lot of amazing features, at times, users just want to perform an Alienware hard reset to troubleshoot or for some other reason. Well, in this article, I am gonna tell you how to factory reset an Alienware laptop.

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Common Causes For A Factory Reset:


There are a lot of causes for resetting the laptop but there are a few main causes for a factory reset. First off, a factory reset will return the system to the same condition it was in when it actually rolled off its assembly line. All the apps will be removed that you’ve installed, remove drivers, and return settings to the defaults.

Over time a few apps that are a waste of time take up a lot of space on the drive and make use of the processing power. At times it becomes necessary to remove such apps; by resetting, you will get the drive space back as well as optimize the performance of the system.

It’s extremely necessary to wipe or format all the data while selling the system to somebody. A factory reset will also remove malware on the system and will make it safe to sell. Also, you would not risk accidentally giving away any private information.

Note: Before taking any further steps, please ensure that you’ve already made a system backup of the data.

Methods To Factory Reset Alienware M15:

The laptop can be restored to the factory settings if any of the following methods are applicable:

  • A recovery partition is installed on the system. Also, this recovery partition is frequently installed by the computer manufacturer and can be utilized for restoring a system.
  • You have the bootable Windows USB or original Windows installation disc. Also, it’s the original disc that’s utilized for reinstalling Windows.
  • A set of recovery discs are accessible for the Laptop. Also, such discs have your bought laptop and can be utilized for performing a restore.

Now let’s see how to factory reset Alienware m15!

Way#1: Factory Resetting By Using The Advanced Boot Options

  • Turn on or restart your laptop.
  • As soon as you see the Dell logo on your screen, hit the F12 or F8 button repeatedly until you see the menu called Advanced Boot Options.
  • After that, choose the Repair your computer option. The System Recovery Options screen will appear.
  • Choose the keyboard layout, > click Next.
  • At the subsequent screen, it’ll prompt for the password and username. Enter the password and username > click on OK.
  • Leave it blank if you have removed the administrator password.

Way#2: Resetting By Utilizing The Built-in Reset Option

  • Earlier, Factory resetting a system was an extremely inconvenient and inefficient procedure in the Windows system. It was then enhanced in Win 8 and was incorporated in Win 10 with a lot of improvements.
  • For resetting the system, simply navigate to Settings > choose Update & Security > click on Recovery, where you’ll see the Reset this PC header.
  • After that, click on the Get started option for starting the process.
  • Then, you have two options: Remove everything or Keep my files.
  • Also, confirm the operation by simply clicking on the Reset option and waiting until the procedure ends.
  • Finally, make certain you have the plug-in to avoid losing power throughout the procedure of factory resetting the Dell Alienware m15.

Way#3: By Using The Option Called Fresh Start In Win 10

  • Win 10 has incorporated a new option for factory resetting your system by utilizing an option called Fresh Start under Device Performance & health.
  • You can begin with it by navigating to Settings > go to Update & Security > click on the Recovery page or by simply using the search bar after clicking the Win button.
  • Click on the link text that says something like learning how to begin fresh with a clean Windows installation under Fresh Start.
  • Tap on the Get Started option for proceeding.

Why Can Fresh Start Be Better From The Options Mentioned Above?

  • This option always keeps your private data, with no option to get rid of them like above.
  • Also, it downloads the most recent version of Win 10 while the standard reset option makes use of the data from the recovery drive.
  • It’s provided by the system manufacturer, or if you have installed Win on your own, it has to be stored in the C: Recovery folder.

How To Factory Reset My Alienware Laptop Without Password?

Here is how to factory reset the Alienware laptop without a password. But before doing anything, be certain to have backed up the data.

  • First off, click on the Start button.
  • After that, choose the Reset this PC (System Setting) option.
  • Choose Restart now under Advanced Startup.
  • Then, choose to Troubleshoot at the Choose an option screen.
  • Choose Factory Image Restore.
  • Follow the instructions on your screen for completing the reset procedure.

The Bottom Line:

I am certain that after reading this article, you’d be capable of performing an Alienware factory reset on the laptop. For making everything simpler for you, I’ve provided step-by-step methods for restoring the Alienware to factory settings here. It’ll assist you in troubleshooting problems with the system and resolving issues, including the Alienware update not working.

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