Facebook Won't Let Me Post

Facebook Won’t Let Me Post A Status, Like, Or Comment. Why?

If you have not heard anything about this trendy social media site Facebook, you might have never surfed the web. Since it was launched in 2004, they have accumulated an enormous 2.8 billion accounts. Being capable of accompanying this many users can be hard for any site to handle, and occasionally you might come across a few problems with Facebook’s practicality.

The most common issue I see floating around the internet is why won’t FB let me post a status, comment, or like. These actions are a huge part of FB, so I comprehend why individuals desire to rectify this error. After conducting a little research, it’s what I came across.

The reason FB won’t let you post a status, comment, or like can be because of numerous reasons. It could be because the website has blocked you from carrying out that action on a particular user’s content, or you are usually experiencing browser or app errors.

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Why Won’t Facebook Let You Post?


With problems such as the above, there could be many causes why you can’t carry out such actions. So you are capable of grasping a better idea of why you are coming across these issues, we get into the details about different situations and how you can resolve them.

Reasons Why You Can’t Comment, Like, Or Share A Status On Facebook:

Just like all the social media platforms, they can fall into some unexpected problems for individuals relying on the circumstances. It could be ranging from individuals blocking you, mobile applications, or browser issues.

  • Blocked:

One of the major causes you will be unable to like, comment, or share a post will be because the end-user has blocked you from carrying out that action. It could be a friend of your friend or some other page sharing content on which you are banned from liking or commenting on. For telling if you have been blocked by either a person or page, you can try looking for their name.

Typically, if an important person has blocked you, their profile will not appear. If it has been revealed, for appended confirmation, try to send a message. If they have blocked you, it will show an issue that is similar to this person is not accessible at the moment.

  • Browser Problems:

Something else that can be reasoning this problem is the browser. If you are an active online user, the browser memory can rapidly become filled with a few unwanted caches that might slow down the performance of your system. To quickly solve this problem, you will have to navigate into the settings of your browser and clear the cache. If it does not resolve the issue, then try to uninstall and install your browser over again to give it a restart.

  • App Issues:

Lastly, such issues could be happening because of the mobile app issues. It ought to be a simple solution by simply closing your application completely and activating it over again. If it fails to fix the problem, you can also wipe your Facebook application off completely from the phone and install it once again. In a few situations, the application might have a corrupted file owing to how it was downloaded.

It’ll also install the most updated version of the application. If you have also come across these problems and are still uncertain why the Facebook functions are not working, then you can contact the Facebook customer service team to get it solved. They might be capable of giving you additional advice on why you can’t carry out such actions, or on the other hand, they may be capable of resolving it on the backend of their system.

How Can You Fix Being Unable To Post On FB?

The above case is about how you can fix the sharing, liking, and commenting functions on FB, but we did not state anything related to status postings. If you have come across a message that’s something along the lines of there was an issue updating the status, or it can’t be posted on the timeline, you are almost certainly experiencing status posting problems.


Usually, it could be because of the internet connectivity, or FB is presently suffering from network problems. It ought to pass over with a set amount of time, max of some hours. However, if this problem was to carry on for longer than a day, you ought to try the following to resolve the issue.

Try Some Other Devices: 

If you can, try to post your status using some other device like a tablet, laptop, or smartphone. If the issue continues regardless of what device you make use of, you ought to report the problem to Facebook as there may be something wrong with the account that is not fixable from the front end.

  • For doing that on a web browser, you have to first sign in to Facebook.
  • Once signed in, you will have to click the gear icon from the top corner of the timeline page > choose Report a Problem.
  • Once chosen, it will ask you to fill in all the details about the issue, fill it in and wait for the response.

Remove The Browsing Data:

Now, if you have tried to post your status through some other device and it is successfully gone through, you might have to clear the browsing data.

Browsing Data

It’s very easy to do, and we will be utilizing the well-liked Google Chrome as an example.

  • For clearing the browsing data on Google Chrome, you will have to copy and paste this into the search bar ‘chrome://settings/clearBrowserData’. It’ll then take you to the appropriate page.
  • Once you are there, you will have to click Clear browsing data and make certain all the Cookies, Browsing history, Cached images & files, and other website data are chosen (or ticked) before pursuing the clear data option.
  • Once you have accomplished that successfully, you will have to close the web browser and go back over to Facebook. Now you’ve loaded the website back up; you can then try to post the status again.

Again, if it fails to post after clearing the browsing data, it is suggested that you get in touch with the support team of Facebook. They might tell you to try it but explain you have already carried out the data clearance, and they have to either resolve it on the backend or find some other solution.


There could be various diverse reasons in which Facebook won’t allow you to comment, like, share or post any status, but it ought to be simple enough to discover why. The most common cause in which you would not be capable of executing such actions is that the user or page has blocked you. For finding this info out, you ought to check out the above solution.

All things considered, if you have tried the above methods of resolving Facebook like share, comments, and post features, you ought to absolutely get in touch with Facebook. Once reached, they will be capable of suggesting some additional fixes that you can try, or they could even resolve the problem on their end.


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