Does My Motherboard Have Bluetooth

Does My Motherboard Have Bluetooth?

Everybody desires to have a PC or a desktop with each feature, comprising Bluetooth and WiFi. You may locate them and take their full benefit if you know the good hardware with all such features. If you’re pondering whether motherboards have Bluetooth? Then, you’re here in the right hands.

We’ve got you covered by mentioning everything related to Bluetooth for the PC. You’ll know whether motherboards have Bluetooth pre-installed or not. If not, then what are the other things to make your job done for yourself? Keep reading, and you’ll locate yourself with all the queries resolved.


Do Motherboards Come With Bluetooth?


WiFi and Bluetooth are both peripherals, and they’re mostly installed altogether. Myriads of motherboards with the WiFi card by default installed also have built-in Bluetooth. Now to get the answer to this question, do motherboards have Bluetooth?

Keep reading, as mentioned earlier, that such mainboards or motherboards that have onboard WiFi also come with in-built Bluetooth. It’s evident that not a lot of manufacturing companies are bringing motherboards with in-built WiFi, which implies that such motherboards will also be lacking Bluetooth.

It’s a common observation that both Bluetooth and WiFi are installed altogether on a lot of devices. The reason is that both of these features offer wireless connectivity. If you own a motherboard without in-built Bluetooth, do not be anxious, we’ve covered you by mentioning the best economically alternative methods that can make the game simple for you. So, keep the ball rolling.

Advantages Of Having Bluetooth Installed On The Motherboard:

Nobody can deny the value of Bluetooth, and it not just makes the game simple for you but also allows you to get rid of those cluttered wires. Suppose you have Bluetooth installed on the motherboard. In that situation, you’re free to transmit any data from different devices such as your tablet, phone, or your PS controller to your or any other PC wirelessly.

The great thing is that it decreases the mess and declutters the playing space. Cables always take space because of their cluttered structure. If you can evade the use of wires, you’ll give a better look to the PC place because fewer cables denote tidy working space.

Also, wires might stop working at an extremely crucial time, leaving you powerless. Then, you have no other method of doing the task. But if you’ve Bluetooth, you can still make use of wires in case of any issue with the Bluetooth.

How Can You Check If Your Motherboard Comes With Bluetooth?

Checking the motherboard’s Bluetooth accessibility is simpler. We’ll mention three facile yet effective ways that you can utilize for checking if the motherboard has Bluetooth. Here we go:

  • See if the motherboard has built-in WiFi. If it does, then be certain that it also comes with Bluetooth. It’s because the majority of the manufacturers assembled them together.
  • Another way is by having a glance at the specs of the product that you purchase. The time you purchase a motherboard, contemplate glancing at the packaging and read out its specifications. If it has WiFi and Bluetooth, you’ll locate this info there. In case of no respective details, be watchful that there’s no built-in Bluetooth, and you’ll require an external one.
  • Last of all, in today’s world, Google has made everything effortless and accessible. Just enter the brand name + the Product name Bluetooth and hit search if you have lost the package or do not have it. Doing so will show you the information about the product, and you can simply find out if it comes with built-in Bluetooth or not.

Motherboards With In-Built Bluetooth:

There’s a close relationship between your motherboard and the chipset or processor. A few chipsets support motherboards with in-built devices such as Bluetooth or WiFi, while others don’t. Keeping that in mind, we’ve mentioned brands that provide quality products for their users. They are:

  • MSI (Micro-Star International)
  • Asus
  • Intel
  • Gigabyte Technology

The listed companies hold a record for the quality motherboards and products having in-built Bluetooth. Their Bluetooth quality is extraordinary and excellent. With quality products and standard pricing, you can always contemplate any of them for your requirements.

Alternatives Of Built-In Bluetooth Motherboards:

Does the PC have a motherboard without built-in Bluetooth? Does it make you upset? Do not get upset. You can still make use of Bluetooth without any clutter or mess or additional expensive efforts. Here we have an easy alternative to the built-in Bluetooth.

You can go and buy a USB Bluetooth Dongle, and it’s a simple and economical option that will do the work for you. Once you purchase a dongle, it is not a hard task to make use of it. Follow the below steps and make use of this external Bluetooth dongle on the go:

  • First of all, plug your dongle into any one of the empty USB ports.
  • After that, searching for the required drivers’ updates related to the Bluetooth device or OS will do it automatically.
  • Finally, connect and pair the devices you desire to transfer your data between.
  • That is it! You’re all done.

Wondering how you can access the Bluetooth settings? Simply go to the Bluetooth Settings under Device and Printers in the Windows Settings. Here, you can easily customize the Bluetooth accordingly.


With the great perks of making use of wireless technology, Bluetooth is an amazing inclusion in PC hardware. It’ll declutter the space and will allow you to transfer your data without the use of any wire.

With that being said, you have to contemplate purchasing a motherboard with built-in Bluetooth. But if you already have purchased one without Bluetooth, do not panic. You can contemplate buying an external one for the PC that will work the same manner as the built-in one.

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