Top 15 Discord Themes

Top 15 Discord Themes

Download + Preview the best discord themes including some dark and light theme styles. Read instructions to install better discord

So, you have heard that you can really change the Discord themes, similar to how you’d do on the Google Chrome web browser. Well, it is not that easy. At the time of this guide, Discord does not support any themes.

Discord just offers you the option to change the Theme from Dark to Light. And trust me; you do not desire to do that. The light theme is just hideous.

That is where Better Discord comes in. It’s the modded version of the Discord program, which allows you to apply different backgrounds, themes, and plug-ins to your Discord. We know what you are thinking, “it all sounds too good. So, what is the catch here?”

Well, Better Discord violates the Terms of Service of Discord. So, utilizing BetterDiscord could get the account banned. But, from what we have seen, you ought to be good, as long as you do not utilize any sketchy plug-ins. As long as you utilize Better Discord for applying backgrounds and themes, Discord would not bother you.

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How Can You Install Better Discord?


Before we dig into the Discord Themes list, you have to have BetterDiscord installed. You cannot utilize plugins/themes without Better Discord. So, follow the below steps for downloading and installing Better Discord on the Mac or Windows:

  • First of all, navigate to
  • Then, click on the Download button.


  • Now, scroll down > click on the correct version for the operating system on the GitHub page.
  • Once you click on it, the download will begin.
  • After that, run the app you have downloaded.




Once you run through the setup, Better Discord will be installed. You would not see any instant visual changes, but once you reboot Discord, navigate to user settings and scroll down. You’ll see the sign that BetterDiscord is installed.

How Can You Install Better Discord Themes?

Downloading Better Discord themes is pretty easy. Simply follow these steps:

  • First off, navigate to the Better Discord Themes Library.
  • After that, choose a theme you want > click on Download.

That’s it. Installing the theme is a little tricky, but it is still not hard. Follow these steps for installing a BetterDiscord Theme:

  • First off, launch Better Discord > click on User Settings.
  • Then, scroll down > click on Themes under BANDAGED BD.
  • Next, click on the Open Theme Folder.
  • Now, you can simply copy & paste the theme you downloaded.
  • Once you have accomplished that, you refresh BetterDiscord by simply hitting Ctrl + R keys. The theme ought to now emerge in Better Discord.

Top 15 Better Discord Themes:

With that being said, let’s now get right into the top picks of the 15 Better Discord Themes. The BandagedBD team has confirmed all the themes on our list.

Note: This list is in no particular order.

  • The Black Hole Theme:

The aesthetics of this theme are attention-grabbing and make you feel like you’re gazing into space or viewing a starry sky. The theme was made by MonsterDev and is loved by many Better Discord users. The theme is great for all the night owls out there who like the dark modes.


Try the Black Hole Theme

  • The Frosted Glass Theme:

Frosted Glass is contemplated among the most nice-looking themes. Gibbu has made this exceptional theme. It assists you in creating the illusion of viewing through an image just like the frosted glass.

However, the default image that comes with it is extremely nice-looking, but you can still change it by simply revealing a huge assortment of pictures in the CSS file. With more than 78 thousand downloads, frosted glass is considered the best option to go with.


Try out the Frosted Glass Theme

  • The Basic Background Theme:

This one is a trending theme that you can locate in the Better Discord library. DevilBro made this discord theme. The best thing about selecting this theme is that you can easily change the background to a provided theme according to the client’s requirements.

If you desire to change its opacity, it can be an awesome option to go with. Since it is a unique and compelling theme, you can simply grab the top results out of it. With up to 78 thousand downloads, it’s considered among the best discord themes.


Try out the BasicBackground Theme

  • The Server Columns Theme:

If you’re searching for a simple theme, you have to choose DevilBro’s Server Columns theme. Unlike the different discord themes counterparts it has, Server Columns does nothing to do with the look. With the assistance of this theme, you can simply change the server list.

Yes, you can create a server list that looks like the grid list. Also, by simply editing the .css file, you can alter the number of columns. With up to 3000 downloads, this theme is contemplated as a great option for better discord.


Try out the Server Columns Theme

  • The Horizontal Server List Theme:

Are you searching for a simple-looking theme? Do you desire to pick a theme that can assist you in locating the server list on the left side of its display? If you’re saying yes to the above questions, Gibbu has the Horizontal Server Theme. This pioneering theme can easily be used with other themes. It is a well-liked option for those who require something distinct.


Try out the Horizontal Server List Theme

  • ClearVision Theme:

Users who like selecting a polished discord theme more often than not choose to download ClearVision. This extremely lovely theme comes with fantastic aesthetic features to tempt eyes. If you’re searching for a customizable theme, you have to choose this option.

ClearVision is surely the best theme that can assist you in changing the background image, fonts, color accents, blur percentage, and a lot more. Do you desire to learn how you can customize this theme? If yes, then joining the ClearVision Server can be really helpful.


Try out the ClearVision Theme

  • The Great Mountain Site Theme:

Are you searching for a stunning theme? Do you desire to pick a theme incorporated with awesome colors, opacity, and other ideal features? If yes, then downloading an awesome mountain site can be the best option to choose. DevilsLynAvenged has introduced this astonishing theme. With up to fifteen thousand downloads, this theme is contemplated as an awesome option to make everything look the best.


Try out The Great Mountain Site Theme

  • The Midnight UI:

Here we’ve another amazing Better Discord theme. It has an extremely diverse appearance from the conventional Discord. Albeit we love the look of this theme, we realize that it would not be for everybody.

But we must say, do not dismiss it before you check it out. We cannot quite put out fingers on it, but it reminds us of a better, simpler time. It is also extremely customizable. This theme created by Tropical has over twenty thousand downloads.


Try out the Midnight UI

  • The Reborn Theme:

MonsterDev has an innovative, better discord theme known with the name Reborn. The key benefit of downloading this amazing theme is that you can simply unveil the advantages of customization. With about 24 thousand downloads, this theme is contemplated among the most preferred better discord themes online.


Try out the Reborn Theme

  • Dark Discord Theme:

This theme created by zzzmario is one of the most helpful themes on our list. It does not change the appearance of the Discord client too much. The only thing it actually changes is the Discord’s color itself. Frequently, the discord client has a little light grey color to it. But it changes that to a nearly matte black, which, in our opinion, looks much better! We suggest you check it out.


Try out the Dark Discord

  • The Elysia Theme:

The Elysia theme is the RGB Better Discord Theme created by The Purple Wizard. It has over twenty-one thousand downloads. It has gotten ever more well-liked because of how customizable it is; and also how simple it really is to customize it.

You can navigate to to begin customizing your theme. Then you can simply download it from there. Editing with the text editor is also a choice. You can also acquire presets straight from the Elysia Discord Server.


Try out the Elysia Theme

  • The RadialStatus Theme:

This one created by Gibbu is another straightforward one. It does not change the Discord client. It just makes it so, the online status enfolds around its profile, in place of being the indicator at the bottom right of the profile. This sort of change would not be for everybody, but if it interests you, go right ahead. A lot of individuals seem to love this change. The Radial Status Theme has over twenty thousand downloads.


Try out the RadialStatus Theme

  • The Nocturnal Theme:

This amazing Better Discord theme is quite like the Dark Discord Theme but in place of changing the color to matte black. The night-time theme by Spectra changes its color to dark purple. But not like the Dark Discord theme; not only does it change the color, but it can also resize some things and change the overall appearance ever so slightly. It does not worry us that much but, the mileage might vary.


Try out the Nocturnal Theme

  • The Sunset Theme:

Here is another Better Discord theme created by DevilsLynAvenged. DevilsLynAvenged acquaints how you can make aesthetically pleasant Better Discord Themes. This one features a stunning sunset as the background, providing the whole theme a pink accent. Shadows are utilized in this theme for making the text stand out. Although, we’d have loved it if the shadows were not this bold.

Sunset Theme

Try out the Sunset Theme

  • The Wonderful and Green Forrest Theme:

It’s another one created by DevilsLynAvenged. We found it very relaxing. No bright colors, nor the OTP design. You sit there appreciating nature’s beauty. Honestly, thank God for this one. We were beginning to forget what trees really look like (get it? Because of the world pandemic? No? Alright.) Anyway, it’s a beautiful theme with about ten thousand downloads. We suggest you check it out.


Try out the Wonderful and Green Forrest Theme

How Can You Uninstall Better Discord?

Uninstalling Better Discord is simple. Thankfully, you do not need to install Discord again for deleting Better Discord. For uninstalling Better Discord, you can utilize the Better Discord installer for uninstalling Better Discord. Isn’t that striking? Follow the below simple steps for getting rid of Better Discord and return to the Good Ol’ Discord:

  • First of all, download the Better Discord installer if you do not have it already.
  • After that, run the Better Discord installer > simply click on Uninstall BandagedBD.
  • Now, tick the Remove from Stable checkbox if you have installed Better Discord on your Discord Stable.
  • Then, tick the Remove from Canary checkbox if you have installed Better Discord on your Discord Canary.
  • Next, tick the Remove from PTB checkbox if you have installed Better Discord on your Discord PTB.
  • Now, make certain to check the Remove all BandagedBD data.
  • After that, simply click on the Uninstall option.

Discord will now reboot and get rid of Better Discord from the system.


Better Discord is a helpful Discord mod. You can do all sorts of stuff with it, but be cautious not to download anything that is not confirmed by the BandagedBD Team. As long as you download the whole lot from Better Discord Library, you ought to be in the clear. For now, a lot of individuals make use of Better Discord for customizing the Discord clients.

So, Discord has not taken any real measures against it. But making use of Better Discord is in no way suggested. So, if it is a risk you are prepared to take, move ahead. All we can really hope is that the individuals over at Discord begin introducing customizability in the client, so we would not need to depend on BetterDiscord.


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