Apple Pay On Amazon

Can You Use Apple Pay On Amazon? [A Comprehensive Guide]

With the motto of selling everything from A-Z, Amazon is definitely a leader in shopping online. It’s selling things to lots of consumers directly or acting as the middle-man for the consumers and merchants. You might be astonished to know that the majority of well-liked online shopping destinations aren’t accepting all types of payment options.

So the question arises, can you use Apple Pay on Amazon? The straightforward answer to it is no, but we’re here today for the availability of amazon’s payment options. There’s another way to shop at, by simply utilizing the Apple Card. We’ve given a complete guide below for assisting you in understanding the alternative.

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Know The Difference Before Hunt For The Answer:


It’s necessary to comprehend the payment technologies created by Apply to utilize them in the correct manner. Three main payment terms are frequently associated with Apple inc. As mentioned above, Apple pay isn’t acceptable at

  • Apple Cash:

It is a safe and convenient way of paying to utilize the Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad. It is actually an Apple Pay-enabled service that permits you to receive and send payments over iMessage. You can make use of it if you meet their needs. Since it’s also related to Apple Pay, consumers can’t utilize it to buy at Amazon.

Note: For U.S. residents and above eighteen, you can only utilize Apple Cash.

  • Apple Pay:

It is similar to Samsung Pay and Google. It permits consumers to make payments while on the move utilizing their iPhones. You might add the credit or debit card details securely you’re your Apple Pay and make use of them for making payments unluckily, though Amazon doesn’t accept Apple Pay.

  • Apple Card:

It works just like a bank prepaid card. MasterCard and Goldman Sachs Bank USA back it, so it might get utilized like any other credit card at the majority of businesses, including

Why Doesn’t Accept Apple Pay?

Amazon does not accept Apple Pay because there is no direct accord in place with Apple to utilize the digital payment service. It denotes Apple Pay isn’t incorporated into Amazon’s app or website, so it can’t be utilized as a payment method.

Also, Apple Pay is most frequently utilized for shopping in-person, as it allows you to pay with the phone rather than the physical card. does not have to be anxious about it because all the payments are digital anyway. Plus, is not missing out on much business simply by not accepting Apple Pay.

As the biggest e-commerce business in the world, has an annual revenue of 386 billion dollars and continues to grow every year, even without Apple Pay. has not expressed any plans to accept Apple Pay in the future, so consumers who prefer this method might have to utilize an Apple Card instead.

How Can You Get An Apple Card; If You Do Not Have It?

If you have an Apple card, you can skip this part of the guide. For those who want to get an Apple Card, it’s a simple procedure. If you fulfill the necessary age requirement of the Apple Card, you can apply using the iPhone directly. Follow the below steps:

  • First of all, simply open the Wallet app from the iPhone.
  • After that, hit the + icon from the upper corner > choose Apple Card from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure to read the terms, prices, and conditions and go on to the next window.
  • Then, fill out all the details, including the legal name, email, date of birth, and phone number.
  • After filling out the information, Apple will show your annual percentage charges, credit card limit, and fees.

You can see the credit card details (apple card information) in your wallet app when Apple has assessed and approved the information.

Advantages Of The Apple Card:

Since its release, Apple Card has come a really long way. It has numerous advantages. We’ve listed some for the observation here:

  • The privacy-focused features of the Apple Card make it an interesting option.
  • The Wallet application can connect to the card created for assisting in paying down the debt and checking where you’re spending the cash.
  • Users who make use of the Apple Card for purchasing anything from the Apple Store, the App Store, iTunes, or subscriptions such as iCloud or Apple Music earn three percent back in the Daily Cash.

How Can You Make Use Of An Apple Card For Payments; If You Already Have One?

So, now that you know the answer, can you use Apple Pay on Amazon? If you already have the Apple card or it’s just arrived by following the furnished details above, we can now set up your Apple Card for payment.

Here’s How You Can Set Up An Apple Card On

Since takes Apple cards, consumers can input debit or credit card details the same way they do with any other debit or credit card. It gets accomplished by inserting the Apple Card number throughout the checkout process. For starting utilizing the Apple card on Amazon, follow the below steps:

  • First off, navigate to > sign in to the account.
  • Then, click on the account label from the Accounts and list it under the name on the top menu.
  • After that, set up the payment method by simply choosing the payment choices under the Ordering and Shopping preference titles in the payment method section.
  • Now, add your credit card by choosing the Add your card label. Your iPhone may ask for permission if you’ve fingerprint ID or face ID enabled.
  • You can also add the card while checking out directly and appending the details before the order confirmation on the checkout page.

Monitoring The Apple Card:

After making a few purchases, you may desire to check their balance, transactions, and other details. If so, launch the Wallet application on the iPhone and tap the image for activating your Apple Card if it is not active already. You’ll see recent transactions, current balance, and other details on your screen.


Apple Pay is easy to use and works with all of Apple’s devices. It ensures secure payments in apps, stores, and online, contemplating the current Covid-19 circumstances. Apple Pay is an easier and safer way of paying than utilizing the actual card.

Since Apple Cash is accessible on, users might make use of their Apple Card for making amazon purchases there. Even If they do not already have it, we’ve given a detailed report on how you can get the Apple Card. Not just but Apple Cards are accepted in the majority of stores in the US.

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