How To Open BUP Files On Windows 10 Using Player?

On the DVD, numerous types of files are there, namely the VOB file, the IFO files, and BUP files. While the Video Object File or VOB has the actual film, the IFO file is actually the Index file. The extension of it is .IFO, and it contains all the details about the film saved in the VOB file. This index file has details about the place, time, and all of the other data that might be present on such three files.

This file provides details to the player about every scene. It also allows your DVD Player to find subtitles, and audio tracks, etc. Therefore, your IFO file is quite crucial. It can simply be opened through compatible video programs such as VLC Media Player, and Windows Media Player, etc. The BUP file is actually the backup file on your DVD with the .BUP extension.

This file has all the backup details of the original materials of your IFO file. If there’s some malware, or some physical damage to the DVD, or faulty DVD writing, you can make use of this BUP file for restoring all your data. Such files can just open with the help of numerous software programs or some appropriate BUP file player.

Issues With The BUP File Player:


  • At times, the BUP file player is incapable of opening the BUP file on a certain application or system. One significant cause for it to happen is that your system doesn’t have the suitable or proper tool installed for supporting the BUP file on your DVD.
  • One more issue that might obstruct the opening of your BUP file is that it has either been copied the wrong way or the data it had has become corrupted. Both such issues can cause failure in accessing your BUP file.
  • Another issue because of which the BUP file wouldn’t launch is that it might have been infected by some malware.
  • Another issue might appear while downloading the BUP file with the .BUP extension directly from your internet. An issue might appear during the process, which can cause an incomplete download. This in-part downloaded file will not launch, and you’ll need to download it over again.

How To Solve The Issue?

For combating such issues, you have to follow the below steps:

Step#1: Checking The Status Of The Software

  • Check if the program version of your BUP file player is out-of-date?
  • Install the recent version of the software.

Step#2: Setting Your Software As The Default BUP File Player

You need to make sure that the program you’ve just installed is set as your default app for opening the BUP files. For that, you’ll need to:

  • First, right-click on your BUP file.
  • Simply choose the Open With option when a drop-down menu appears.
  • Now, click on the Choose another app option. It’ll take you to a list.
  • Simply select More Apps.
  • After that, choose the Search for another application on this PC option.
  • With the file browser’s help, just select your Software installation folder.
  • After selecting a suitable program, you need to confirm that.
  • Check the Always use this application to open BUP files option > click on OK.

Step#3: Checking The Antivirus Program

  • For ruling out this issue, you’ll need to make sure that an updated and suitable antivirus tool is installed on the PC.

How Can You Open The BUP File On Windows?

For opening the BUP file on Windows OS, you’ll need to take the below steps:

  • First of all, launch the Windows File Explorer > double-click on the BUP file.
  • It ought to open your BUP file if the BAK reading tool that is linked with your file is properly installed.
  • If your file doesn’t launch and it’s the backup of your IFO file from the DVD, then you can attempt to download a compatible and suitable media player tool for opening it.
  • If you desire to open a full DVD backup, it ought to launch in a media player such as VLC Player by simply clicking on your IFO file.
  • If your BUP file still doesn’t launch on your VLC media player, then you ought to try to download some other tool such as CyberLink PowerDVD.

Keep in mind that the BUP file isn’t really encrypted like the IFO file. They save all the data of your IFO file together with the user’s information. The .BUP extension appends to the existing name of the file after the original extension. So, it’s significant to remove this BUP extension for launching the file with the suitable associated tool.

Tools Supporting The BUP File Extension On Windows:

You can make use of the following tools for opening the BUP file on Windows:

  • Corel WinDVD
  • PowerDVD
  • Nero ShowTime.
  • For Win earlier than Win 8, the tool that can launch the BUP file is Windows DVD Maker.

Tools Supporting The BUP File Extension On The MacOS:

For the macOS, the following tools can be a suitable BUP file player:

  • Roxio Popcorn
  • Apple DVD Studio Pro

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