Boneyard Bunker Codes

Boneyard Bunker Codes In Call Of Duty: Warzone

In Call of Duty: Warzone, users often locate themselves contending and fighting over the control of Bunkers for getting the gear inside.

However, a few players are astonished to discover that even if they sustain control of the point, there’s a code for entering a lot of such bunkers.

Boneyard Bunker Codes:

There are three diverse Boneyard Bunkers in Call of Duty: Warzone, but just two of them are available as of the latest update. Boneyard Bunker 01 and 03 both have codes you can simply enter using your keypad, but when you insert the code for the Boneyard Bunker 02, it does not do anything.

  • The North Boneyard Bunker is actually to the west of the Boneyard’s northern tip, past the road. The North Boneyard Bunker’s code is 87624851.
  • The South Boneyard Bunker is actually to the west of the Boneyard’s southern tip, also past the road. The South Boneyard Bunker’s code is 97264138.

Boneyard Bunker Codes

When you get to either of these bunkers, you will find you are capable of going inside, but a pin pad is actually blocking most of the bunker. The pin pad is where you’ll insert the codes mentioned above for grabbing all the loot waiting for just you inside.

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