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Here’re The Top 11 Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2021

Social media and micro-blogging websites are the best places to share ideas and information with the world. That’s why the majority of corporations and influencers have accounts on micro-blogging and social networking websites.

Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2021:


Tumblr is one of such services with a separate fanbase. It permits you to post diverse types of content, including GIFs, stories, Spotify tracks, links, and videos in a short-form blog. You can follow other blogs created by different people and see their content through the dashboard interface.

As of 2020, Tumblr hosts over 173 billion posts and more than 490 million blogs in total. However, the website has encountered some criticism as well (like censorship, copyright issues, promotion of suicide, and self-harm) from time to time.

In recent years, millions of people have stopped utilizing Tumblr because of such problems. Or perhaps they locate other services more lucrative. If you also want to switch, we have collected a few of the top Tumblr alternatives where you can actually join like-minded communities and express your visions.

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Best Tumblr Alternatives In 2021

This service started as a platform for watching hentai animations and playing flash games. However, since then, it’s blown into the well-known website to watch and upload user-created content. Here you can host music, films, games, and different other artistic works. Firstly, in place of contemporary design, the website comes with a classic display that really takes you back to the early era of the internet.

The menu bar comprises categories such as games, movies, art, audio, community, portal, and a feed page. Let’s say the site has everything you desire on social media (perhaps even more). The contents range in Newgrounds is quite captivating, distinguished, and high in number, from appealing flash games to user-submitted music; you’ll always locate something exciting to extend the stay at this site.

You’ll locate a broad variance and range of forums here, from sharing how-to tutorials to programming codes to general discussions. That is to say, it is more of an issue, in fact, since you might fail to access Newgrounds because of the geo-restrictions. However, you can always make use of a VPN service to overcome that.

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pillowfort tumblr alternative

This platform is one of the amazing Tumblr alternatives that provide privacy and content control to the users of what can be commented, and can one stream, etc. You can make separate communities from the curated interests and hobbies. If any post has terms on the blacklist, no extra extension is needed to hide them.

It permits blocking somebody from viewing the content at one end, whereas the threaded conversation allows you to converse in numerous chains. And let’s not overlook that NSFW content is totally permitted as the filter option automatically applies for the people who don’t want to see it.

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mastodon top tumblr alternative

It’s a self-hosted open-source social networking service. Mastodon has micro-blogging features just like Twitter. You can easily post short messages known as toots and arrange the privacy settings of every post. Unlike different other mainstream social networking sites, Mastodon lives in diverse chunks known as instances, each with its own administrators and rules.

There’re a lot of helpful features; for instance, you can easily hide sensitive or spoiler content behind the button before posting. The system is created to discourage gratuitous or selfish posts. Its users are way more friendly and queer. Once you join this platform, you’ll see more and more people posting their work.

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reddit perfect tumblr alternative

This platform is more of a discussion site than a micro-blogging platform. The registered users upload content (images, text posts, and links), which are then voted down or up by different other users. Contents are arranged by topics into the user-generated boards known as subreddits.

There’re more than 130,000 active subreddits on different topics ranging from technology and science to video games and movies. Submissions that draw more up-votes emerge on the top of the subreddit.

And if the post gets sufficient up-votes, it’d ultimately emerge on the homepage of the website. Since the site draws more than 1.2 billion unique visitors every month, it’s the best place to reach a broader audience.

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WordPress as alternative to tmblr

While Tumblr offers you a place for sharing your blogs, WordPress allows you to have your own full-fledged site. It’s the most well-liked content management system: more than eighty million sites (comprising thirty-three percent of the top ten million) are created on WordPress.

WordPress was at first created for publishing blogs but has evolved to support different types of web content like media galleries, online stores, mailing lists, and forums. It is an open-source platform that emphasizes performance, accessibility, ease of use, and security, so you can concentrate on sharing the products, services, and stories.

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blogger free tumblr alternative

As its name implies, Blogger is an awesome service for bloggers and has a place in the list of similar sites such as Tumblr. It is a one-of-a-kind service that makes use of the power of words for generating traffic, just like WordPress.

You can see if the content is optimized for today’s digital world here. Whether you’re a travel blogger, fashion blogger, a fresh graduate, or a brand builder with a love for content marketing, it’s the ultimate service that opens its doors to new opportunities.

Content is the king, and Blogger is one excellent platform for marketing it to the correct audience. With a lot of features such as easy money, free domain, and other stuff, it’s something that can actually replace Tumblr. You can also pick from a broad selection of templates and designs that resonate with the writer cum entrepreneur inside you.

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It’s the ideal example of social journalism: it’s both amateur and professional publishers. You can consider it as a Twitter for long-form content, except it’s an algorithmic timeline that shows the stories based on the interest. It’s an amazing place for gaining new perspectives on subjects you care about the most.

There are no advertisements, no loud news feeds, no distortions and distractions. You can easily set up the custom domain name to make the blog stand out. The platform provides you access to in-depth stats like how many individuals saw the stories and how many read to the end.

Visit Official Site: Medium



This platform is a minimalist-created online service where you can easily post your artwork, writing, pictures and share different other creativities as well. Usually, you can separate the platform into three parts like CMS, social network, and the blogging system. Besides sharing, this service also permits you to explore a broad array of content from diverse users around the world.

Furthermore, you can also go to diverse forums of your choice and talk to others. At Dreamwidth, you would not locate any eye-catchy graphic elements, just like Tumblr. The layout is classic and simple. Upon entering the site, you’ll locate three sections (explore, create, and shop) in the menu bar with some submenus as well.

Further elaborating, you can also access the create menu for uploading the contents. Likewise, the explore menu assists you in finding fascinating user-uploaded forums and contents befitting your interest. This service doesn’t hold you with difficult service guidelines. Meaning, you can easily backup the data and move it to any other service as you want.

The platform does not share personal data with 3rd parties. Also, as the content creator, you’ll get complete freedom for sharing your creativity with the community, given that they stand by the US legal guidelines.

The Dreamwidth is an awesome Tumblr alternative and a safe spot for exploring/uploading content without having any 3rd-party advertising cluttering the screen. The overall appearance of this site is quite simple, as you would not locate any content feed on your screen like IG, Tumblr, and FB, etc.

Visit Official Site: Dreamwidth



It’s created to simplify the procedure of online publishing. It powers a lot of diverse sites, ranging from individual bloggers to a huge team of writers. In terms of functionality and features, it is better than Tumbler.

However, it’s also quite a diverse format when it comes to generating content. While Tumblr provides basic editing features, Ghost comes with a feature-rich editor that permits you to generate diverse types of content with responsive cards.

Unlike Tumblr, this service is open-source. Whatever you generate is totally yours: nobody has the right to suspend, remove, or repurpose the content. For full-time publishers, it’s really significant.

Visit Official Site: Ghost



Soup may sound a bit diverse for a Tumblr alternative, but its interface and features are pretty much like Tumblr. It is super simple to utilize at one end, whereas you can post quotes, links, audios, videos, events, and files, etc., to the same.

It also acts as the personal scrapbook for you that lets you remix the web. For instance, if you like anything online, simply click on the button and add it to the Soup, and you can visit the same page again. Different Soup groups are also accessible online that you can join based on your personal interest.

Visit Official Site: Soup



Introduced back in 2014, Ello has shifted from the first Facebook-like incarnation toward the Pinterest-like service, showcasing art, web culture, and photography. This platform does not share users’ data with any 3rd parties or enforce the real-name policy.

There are no advertisements either, so if you are an artist who is searching for an advertisement-free publishing service, it could be the destination. Creators can make use of this site for sharing and selling their content, create their own audience, and get employed and collaborate.

Visit Official Site: Ello

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Is There Any Alternative For Tumblr Available?

There’re a lot of amazing alternatives to Tumblr. Pillowfort and Newgrounds are a few of the top Tumblr alternatives to joining like-minded individuals.

Has Tumblr Really Lost Its Users Base Since Banning The Adult Content?

Tumblr certainly has lost a huge mass of users due to this ban. Soon after this ban, people began to look for platforms similar to Tumblr. And websites such as Pillowfort and Newgrounds have gained many users since then.

Is Pillowfort Really The New Tumblr?

After Tumblr banned NSFW content on the platform, a lot of users migrated from Tumblr to Pillowfort, and this service has really gained the majority of its users from Tumblr.

Conclusion: Best Tumblr Alternatives 2021

To put it briefly, Tumblr is unquestionably an awesome blogging service, but there’s an ocean of blogging sites like Tumblr that you can think about. All the websites, as stated above, are quite similar to Tumblr and have lots of unique and additional features. I hope such Tumblr alternatives will solve the purpose and serve you very well.

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