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What Are The Best Sensitivity Settings For Rainbow Six Siege On PC?

Rainbow Six Siege had a pretty rough release, with the player numbers falling to about eleven thousand just one month after launch. The creators (Ubisoft Montreal) kept at that, though, and began working on a clear roadmap and plan for developing their vision of the ultimate competitive shooter.

This plan worked; players saw the continuous work the creators were putting in, and the improvements and changes they’re making were received with some general praise.

Best Sensitivity Settings For Rainbow Six Siege On PC:


It all directed us where we are right now: Rainbow Six Siege possibly is not the most well-liked esports game available, but it is really safe to say that it’s earned this place as the premium eSports title, with a solid player base of over one hundred thousand players at any given time.

Sensitivity Settings

With no indications of slowing down, this game witnesses new players joining the fray every day, but Rainbow Six is not the simplest game to get into. There are a ton of operators to acquaint with, and having a close knowledge of all the maps is vital to perform at best in the game. For becoming acquainted with all the ins and outs of this game, you will simply need to play it for yourself, but we can assist you in making certain that you would not be held back by the in-game settings or gear.

In this post, we have compiled the gear that this Rainbow Six Siege (usually referred to as just R6 or Siege) professionals are making use of, as well as the sensitivity settings and in-game settings. It’s the ideal list to make use of if you are just beginning and looking to get all the settings in order, but it also has much helpful information for veterans of this game.

Best Mouse Settings For The Rainbow Six Siege:

Rainbow Six Siege is not really the game where you have to have a ton of cool-downs or abilities at your fingertips, so a comparatively simple (in design) gaming mouse is practically all you require. As with all of your games, we analyze you’ll desire a mouse with a flawless sensor.

You just do not desire the mouse to prevent you from hitting that powerful headshot, and with matches in Siege being comparatively short, every small mistake can spiral out of control really fast.

Mouse Settings

Fortunately, the flawless sensors have been getting common to a greater extent over the past years, so pretty much each gaming mouse from a trustworthy brand will have a sensor that does not omit any pixels. Apart from the internals, it is pretty much down to personal choice.

The absolute most significant aspect here is comfort and shape. You can locate a mouse that comes with all the qualities you require, but if the shape does not suit you, then you ought not to force yourself to really play with it.

  • Mouse Sensitivity & DPI For The Rainbow Six Siege:

As you might or might not know: ridiculously high DPI counts are just utilized for marketing purposes. It’s proved by the fact that the maximum analyzed DPI with the Siege experts is set at thirty-two hundred. The huge majority of the analyzed R6 professionals play at either four hundred or eight hundred DPI. It’s for a whole host of reasons: first of all, because you do not desire the overall sensitivity (eDPI) to be really high as that’ll cause the aim to be a little inconsistent and jittery, and second of all because even the flawless sensors can establish smoothing at extremely high DPI settings.

We thus suggest setting up the DPI at anything between four hundred and sixteen hundred, coupled with a practical in-game sensitivity. What works for you is actually gonna be personal, but eighty percent of our analyzed pros have a sensitivity of twenty-eight or lower, so we absolutely do not suggest you choose an overall super high sensitivity.

The majority of pros also make use of the same sensitivity setting for horizontal and vertical aiming, and we recommend you to do the same as that very much adds to the consistency while aiming. We usually put the average eDPI of professional players in the guides, but that is almost impossible to accomplish for this game given that diverse sensitivity multipliers cause vastly diverse actual sensitivities, regardless of the in-game sensitivity and DPI.

  • Mouse Sensitivity Multiplier Of Rainbow Six Siege:

A few professional players make use of the diverse multiplier. As a creator of this game clarifies, the default value for the MouseSensitivityMultiplierUnit is actually 0.02, which denotes that if the sens is set to fifty, the game will make use of 50*0.02 (equaling 1) for multiplying the mouse position delta.

If you change this value to 0.01 then, the accuracy of the sensitivity slider increases twofold, but you lose half of your sensitivity range. In practice, it denotes that the smaller the number of your mouse sensitivity multiplier is, the more accurate control you will have over your game’s actual sensitivity.

As an example: Fifty sensitivity with the default 0.02 multiplier results in the actual sensitivity of 1, while fifty sensitivity with the multiplier of 0.00223 results in a greatly lower actual sensitivity of 0.1165. The following step on the slider (fifty-one sens) results in the actual sensitivity of 1.02 with a default multiplier, while fifty-one sens at 0.00223 results in 0.118.

At default, each step on your in-game slider signifies a change of 0.02 in the actual sensitivity, while at 0.00223, every step signifies the change of only 0.0015 that obviously permits for more accurate control of your sensitivity.

In brief, setting up your mouse sensitivity multiplier to the lower value denotes that the sens range you can choose from in your game becomes very lower but much more exact. How much more precise and how much lower relies on the actual value you have selected, but we have put the most frequently utilized multipliers to the right. The majority of professionals have it set to the default value, though, so unless you really cannot locate an ideal sensitivity, you do not need to really be anxious about this part.

  • The ADS Sensitivity Of Rainbow Six Siege:

Rainbow Six Siege is a fantastic game where you can really put scopes with diverse magnification levels on the guns, which can become difficult to have a constant sensitivity across all diverse scopes types. In brief, every time you Aim Down Sights (ADS), your game changes the FOV based on a particular modifier.

Iron Sights, Holo, Reflex Sights, and Red Dot all have a 0.9 modifier, which denotes that the FOV will shrink by ten percent while the ACOG has a 0.35 modifier (sixty-five percent). For having a true 1:1 ratio for ADS and hipfire (except for the ACOG), you will desire to put the ADS sensitivity at eighty-three.

It can assist you with consistency (albeit ACOG sights still would not be the same), but the majority of professionals do choose the ADS sensitivity that is lower than eighty-three. In a game like Rainbow Six Siege, you are not gonna be having anxious battles where you need to aim all around the world while aiming down sights, so it really makes sense to have the ADS sens be a little lower than the hipfire sensitivity.

That way, you can go around your map and see around with nimble and quick movements, all while having that pixel-perfect precise and slow aim for when you are aiming down your sight. We suggest you take a little time to learn what really works for you. The professionals do not really have one big choice for this setting either, with the values going from ten all the way to one hundred, so it’s really something that is down to personal choice.

There is also a setting in your Game Settings known as Xfactoraiming that can be utilized for changing the ADS modifier, but just an extremely small minority of professional players changes it, so we do not really suggest it either.

  • Rainbow Six Siege FOV:

As you can see that most of the pros are on the max Field Of View (FOV) of ninety; it’s numerous obvious examples like a larger FOV for you to spot obstacles or enemies, but it can erode at the framerate and a few players like the more focused tunnel vision feature of the narrower FOV combined with the fact that foes take up more of the screen if you are gaming with a smaller Field Of View.

Regardless, almost no professional player (less than one percent) leaves the Field Of View to the default sixty percent, so we do absolutely suggest you to set it higher. The average is absolutely on the higher side, so it is a great idea to begin at ninety, and if you feel a little overwhelmed or you desire a more focused and narrow experience, you can begin turning down the FOV.

  • The Best Refresh Rate For Your Rainbow Six Siege Game:

As far as the refresh rates go, the Rainbow Six Siege game is practically the same as the other analyzed games: the more frames, the happier. Just 2% of the analyzed pros play on a regular 60Hz monitor, with over ninety percent playing on the monitor that is able to push 144 frames per second at least.

The conclusion is no different across all of the analyzed games: if you desire to be competitive, you will desire to get yourself a computer that can push as many frames as doable, along with the high refresh rate monitor.

  • Best Resolution & Aspect Ratio For The Rainbow Six Siege:

The huge majority of analyzed Rainbow Six Siege pros play the game at 1080p (we also see that 3440×1440 is the maximum resolution recorded; 4K gaming is not really an option in such a competitive scene) but less than half of all pro players game at the standard 16:9 aspect ratio. Many love to make use of a custom resolution like 4:3 for making the character models appear larger (because of the fact that the picture gets stretched) and thus simpler to concentrate on.

Running the custom resolution is not objectively better, though, as you drop the peripheral vision by doing that. The majority of players are at the normal aspect ratio, but it is absolutely not a bad idea to really play around with it a little to check what you really like the most.


Rainbow Six Siege has quite a lot of options for you to contemplate, and it can rapidly get really technical if you are really doing a deep leap into all the sensitivity choices, for instance, but fortunately, those are optional as your game itself provides many customization choices by itself.

This guide has been created by doing our own testing, as well as examining what the pro players are actually doing, so it ought to be a perfect guide for you to begin with your own setup. As with all, you will desire to make certain that it all works, but it ought to be an awesome starting point for each Rainbow Six player.

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