Best Motherboard Manufacturers in 2022

Best Motherboard Manufacturers in 2022

The motherboard is the foundation of the computer build, so it is odd, contemplating how significant it really is, that you do not see almost the same level of factionalism over the motherboard manufacturers as you do with GPUs, CPUs, or the majority of the other parts in the build.

So, you may locate yourself asking how much the brand of the motherboard matters, and if it is a big deal, what are the best motherboard manufacturers?

Not just do we have the answers to such questions, but we have also put together a list of the top motherboards provided by each of the best brands. Whatever the build, budget, or component preferences, we have got the answers you require for the motherboard.

Do Brands Really Matter For Motherboards?


Yes, but frequently not as much as with other parts. There is a broad range of motherboard manufacturers, and each one is typically gonna have numerous options to pick from. There is naturally going to be a lot of overlap in terms of specs.

Many connectors are standard, there are just so many M.2, RAM, or PCIe slots you can put on your board, and there is a range of refresh rates and power throughputs that are accessible for current-generation motherboards as well. So, what are the disparities you are gonna see in motherboards?

  • Construction:

Construction is frequently gonna be a major difference. Its overall sturdiness, heatsinks being big enough and optimally put, connectors being secure and put in a manner that would not need you to disassemble the entire computer for replacing a single part are gonna be the main consideration, and will be steady across all of the manufacturer’s motherboards, at least in the higher-quality ones.

  • Internal Standards:

It brings us to the second main difference between manufacturers: the internal standards. It comprises quality control, obviously significant in all computer parts, but particularly in something as central as the motherboard. It also includes things such as minimum specifications and metrics.

For example, if all of a manufacturer’s motherboards comprise four RAM slots and support a minimum of 64GB RAM, then you can frequently expect that you will be getting a better cost and more trustworthy performance on that configuration than from the similar board from a brand that has lower functions.

There are exceptions, but a company is about the general assumptions you can actually make about the products it provides.

Does A Good Motherboard Really Make A Difference?

Yes, a great motherboard is the base of a good computer. A lower-quality motherboard might have compatibility problems, limiting you to less powerful or previous-gen parts. If it has accurate compatibility but is not optimized properly, then you could face problems with the power consumption or cooling/heating problems, which can be a big deal.

The motherboard is responsible for a lot of the cooling and temperature sensing operations, so if it is not capable of properly sensing and delivering the correct amounts of power to the fans or other cooling tools, you can ultimately damage the PC build.

It’s a worst-case scenario; frequently, you will only be facing problems with the fans alternating between low/off and very high settings that can be off-putting and bad for the power consumption. Having compatibility that the motherboard is not optimized for can frequently denote you are not getting the most out of the parts either.

Glancing at the example of RAM again, if you are capable of mounting up to 64GB, but it just runs at 2400MHz, then it frequently would not be as useful as the same quantity would be on the 4400MHz one. Certainly, good construction is significant as well.

A poorly built motherboard not just makes damage to your motherboard itself more likely but can add to the possibility of damage to the different attached parts as well. So, you desire to be glancing at more than only the basic compatibility metrics when it comes to choosing the motherboard. A good motherboard will not just work with the components you desire but assist you in getting the most out of them.

What Makes A Motherboard Good?

It can be subjective. A great motherboard is free from design flaws and capable of connecting and supporting all the parts and operations you desire to perform with the computer. Frequently, it’ll denote compatibility with current-generation graphics cards and processors, enough connectors for the peripherals you will be making use of, and sufficient power and cooling capacity.

Beyond that, it becomes a matter of what you require; a motherboard that is great for the casual gamer is not gonna be great for the professional content creator. The mini-ITX that is ideal for a backpack build is not going to be nearly as good for somebody who is putting together the water-cooled battle station.

In the majority of situations, it is gonna be a great idea to work backward from choosing the processor. You are going to have to choose either an Intel or AMD since there is no such thing as the motherboard that supports both.

From there, you will have an idea of the budget and power you are glancing at for the overall build. There would be no point in putting a 300 dollar CPU into a 400 dollars motherboard, just like it’d be a terrible idea to put an 800 dollar CPU into a 110 dollars motherboard if it’d even be compatible.

The higher performance motherboards will frequently have more PCIe or RAM slots, and you can pretty safely say they are better, but if that is the main metric, you run the risk of acquiring more motherboards than you require. Unless you are planning on top-of-the-line everything and pushing everything to the limit, a great motherboard is solidly built and could handle a bit more than you are putting into it.

Top Motherboard Manufacturers In 2022:

Below, you’ll find our selection for the top motherboard companies in 2022.

  • ASUS:

It will be the best motherboard manufacturer in the world in 2021. Asus offers the best motherboards that stand in the 1st position to rule different brands in the world. It creates the top kind of overclocking feature with top-class functioning.

However, Asus presents the tip motherboard in Asus ROG Maximus XII HERO with excessive cooling capability. Also, it carries the ATX form factor, which is awesome. Another, Asus ROG Strix Z390-I, is ideal for different game enthusiasts.

It’s the top option for double capacity memory with the form factor of Mini-ITX. Also, it is so reputed to construct extraordinary motherboards that you will need to pay more than the expectation to enjoy the high-tech features.

  • ASRock:

Relying on Wikipedia, this one is the Taiwan-based electronics company that concentrates on the development of PC motherboards, industrial computers as well as HTPC (home theater PCs). It was founded by Ted Hsu back in 2002 (spun off Asus) and has been owned by the Taiwanese electronics corporation Pegatron since 2010.

ASRock presently produces server, consumer, HTPC motherboards, and workstations. Its distributors are in more than ninety countries and branches in the USA, China, and Europe. ASRock is the world’s third major motherboard company. ASRock offers awesome value as well as strong performance and innovation through the mainboard lineups.

Besides, it charges less for the same performance amount. Yet, ASRock’s RGBPolychromeSync program is really terrible. One of ASRock’s most well-liked motherboards is ASRock X570 Phantom Gaming X (top AMD motherboard); it is the ATX size motherboard with the top AMD chipset of Premium X570.

It has four DIMM sockets supporting up to 128GB memory and supports several GPUs. With excellent features, an outstanding thermal solution, striking design as well as simple installation, it’s a favorite among the game overclockers.

  • Gigabyte:

Another top-class and remarkable motherboard company is the gigabyte brand. This company believes in creating the optimum rewarding motherboards. To resemble its beliefs, the company highly announces its top model of Gigabyte Z490 Gaming X motherboard for all gamers.

With exceptional outlook, it carries form factor of ATX, Q-Flash, and Q-Flash Plus support comprising LGA1200 socket ability. The entire model is so ideal and budget-friendly that anybody wants to have this Intel motherboard for gaming.

Another top motherboard of the manufacturer is the Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra for the CPU of the gamers. Though the company does not offer flashes as ignited as others, there’s a lot more to take from this manufacturer.

  • MSI:

This one is recognized as one of the top Intel motherboard companies with huge benefits. So far, MSI has built its top model MSI MEG Z490 Godlike, with the support of a multi-GPU system and a form factor of E-ATX. The motherboard overclocks in perhaps the simplest BIOS way and supports the entire system with wonderful constructive quality.

With Intel parts, the CPU gets entirely crazy and serves excellent performance. And if you desire a compact-sized motherboard for the congested room of your desk, choose MSI MPG Z390M Gaming Edge AC.

Another MSI motherboard is for the AMD Ryzen Thread ripper that really fits the MSI Creator TRX40 motherboard to the CPU as a worthy guest. With the proficient ability of better overclocking advantage and cooling system, this motherboard has an awesome deal of efficiency.

  • IBM:

IBM motherboards are sufficiently good to do special jobs as it’s cheaper enough. Though the company creates motherboards with some lacking, still the created motherboards are strong enough for the computer. One of the lit collections is the IBM Netvista 25090 Socket 478 motherboard. It has two USB ports and a steady overclocking capability.

The compatibility is well ensured by the company. However, if you’re a game enthusiast and keep on gaming on the desktop, then bless yourself by purchasing IBM Genuine THINKCENTRE M81 motherboard. It’s entirely compatible with the desktop, and it’s a socket H2 03T8005.

  • Supermicro:

With reasonable costs and better support options, Supermicro is really cool enough. The manufacturer has been reluctantly building top-quality motherboards since 1993 and still continuing. With an excessive 86-bit Server boards range, the motherboards can really fit into any computing system.

The X10SLL-F-O article from the -X10SLL-F-O series of super micro is absolutely ideal for a budget-friendly gaming facility. It’s also lightweight with an LGA 1150. It’s numerous USB ports and a credible overclocking ability. Also, it’s the reputation of a simple installment.

  • Toshiba:

Just like any other top motherboard brand, Toshiba motherboards are also particular, and the manufacturer is also contemplated as the top producer of mainboards. Giving specs to the peripherals and equipment, the motherboards are created. The company with fiberglass substrate really makes the product rigid.

Providing stability to the gadget, the Toshiba motherboards are the solid ones. Providing additional USB ports, it has an awesome performance capability. They also come with stable BIOS and BIOS entry buttons. It has excellent overclocking power with the system restart feature. Hence, for getting a cool PC upgrade inserting the Toshiba motherboard will be a clever decision.

  • Dell:

Dell Company is also known as the top motherboard manufacturer from the very beginning. The company really has an upgraded motherboard with some outstanding premium features. The Dell motherboard YP806 Optiplex has a separate fan base, though.

With four memory slots, this motherboard functions perfectly. The Dell motherboards are usually engineered with PCIe x16 and x1 expansion slots. With the DDR3 SDRAM memory type, the motherboards are a great bang for the investment. From the SATA ports to the form factor, the Dell motherboard is a great choice for the computer.

  • HP:

Just like its PC production HP does not lag behind building the top motherboard available. The HP Z400 motherboard is doing awesome. With eighty percent battery capacity, the motherboards from this brand are compatible with almost every issue the computer may go through.

It comes with several expansion slots such as M.2 sockets, Gen3 PCle x4 and 16, and more. The rear I/O is featured as having an optical SPDIF connector, LAN and display port, HDMI out, covering the top performance. The dual-channel memory design also plays a great role in speeding the overclock.

  • Sony:

For getting the top deal of a motherboard, Sony is also contemplated as one of the top motherboard manufacturers. Among all the built motherboards, the Sony Vaio motherboard has attained great expectations. The Sony motherboard has an ATX form factor and DDR3 memory type. With the SATA hard drive interface, these motherboards are 100% tested.

The Sony motherboards are created with AMD chipset and ports for VGA, HDMI, USB, and Ethernet. All features provide smooth connectivity and an awesome deal of performance. Hence, with the integrated graphic card type, the Sony motherboards are awesome.

  • Acer:

This one is another manufacturer that is trying really hard to beat other companies on motherboard production. Hence, the company as well builds the top motherboards with a few awesome features. Though they don’t support many slots in the motherboards, they have AMD compatibility.

With a noticeable speed of overclocking, these motherboards permit top-quality performance. RAM slots, type, drive interface, and everything else have been built with 100& testing steps. Thus, Acer motherboards are nearly at the brink of winning the trophy.

  • BioStar:

These motherboards are as fine as any other top featured motherboards. Since the company is trying hard to stay at the forefront, it’s not so far that the company is leading as one of the top motherboard companies in the world.

However, Biostar built the most recent version of BIOSTAR TZ77XE3 with the absolute optimum privilege and form factor of ATX. It’d be a nice journey if you purchased this motherboard for the CPU. With additional overclocking power and high dependability, solid works, the EX4 and EX3 versions are on fire in the motherboard market.

Also, it’s the cheapest motherboard vendor with pleasing features. Moreover, trying Z490GTA Version 5.0 with HDMI 4K resolution support system and 10th-gen Intel Core processor would be considered a good investment.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Which One’s Better: GIGABYTE Or ASUS?

Both brands are equally dependable in their own rights. It all boils down to the form factor and the requirements you are in the hunt for. Also, albeit GIGABYTE and ASUS are regarded as the best when it comes to the motherboards, you ought to not disregard other manufacturers such as ASRock and MSI, as they make first-class motherboards as well.

What’s The Top Ryzen Motherboard?

The ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero X570 is considered by many as the top motherboard for the most recent Ryzen CPU. For budget-minded customers, however, the ASUS ROG Strix X570-E Gaming would be the one to choose.

Which MSI Motherboard Is The Best?

If we are going by popularity, then it is absolutely the MSI B450 Tomahawk MAX. If we are basing it on performance, however, the MSI MEG Z490 Godlike would be great.


There are quite accurately hundreds of motherboards available out there. We have done our best in lining up a few of the strongest contenders of the present gen, but as long as it does what you require, there are ample that do not appear on this list that’s gonna be fantastic as well.

The majority of such entries are gaming-focused, but the majority of gaming motherboards are gonna offer the power that other users are searching for as well. The main thing is to know about what you require and want to utilize your computer for and work backward from there for arriving at what CPU motherboard combo is going to work great for you.