Avast Needs To Restart Your Computer

Avast needs to restart your computer is an issue that users have reported to have encountered several times. In this problem, Avast begins asking you to reboot the PC. According to a few users, it’s a repeated occurrence and doesn’t happen only once. If you’re encountering this issue, then read on to see the fix.

What’s Avast?


Avast is an antivirus program launched for macOS and Microsoft Windows. It’s also accessible for the mobile versions viz. iOS and Android. Having an antivirus security program on the PC is essential. There are diverse sorts of dangers and threats that the PC can face.

Particularly in this day and age, with the usage of the internet so common, viruses, worms, and other malicious programs can sneak into the PC with no trouble and trigger problems and disturbances. There’re diverse types of malicious programs, and a few can even be fatal to your PC system. Thus, it’s better to remain safe and stay away from all such threats.

For combating such threats and for keeping the device clean of malicious programs, you need to resort to an antivirus program. As the name specifies, such types of programs aim to protect the PC system against viruses and different other destructive materials.

Therefore, an antivirus program like Avast is needed. Such sorts of security programs ought to be kept up and working. It really brings us to the current error and the issue with Avast. This error can take place and make the user experience really uncomfortable.

Avast Needs To Restart Your Computer

Why Does Avast Desire To Reboot The PC?

There are numerous reasons that Avast needs to reboot the PC. Although the software rarely needs user interaction, you might notice a disturbing popup message. It’s almost certain that Avast desires to reboot the PC because it recently had a huge update. 

By rebooting, the app can add all essential security enhancements. If you’re not running the Avast Antivirus Beta version, you ought to see this message once or twice every month. Very rarely will Avast need an immediate reboot, but for security, it’s encouraged to reboot the system as soon as possible.

How Can You Disable The Avast App Restarts?

Unluckily, there is not a method for completely disabling the requirement for Avast to reboot the computer. However, it’s suggested that you save the work and shutdown/restart the PC at a time convenient for you. 

By selecting the option that says Remind me later on your Avast popup message, you can choose the time for the app to remind you to reboot the system. A lot of individuals get in the routine of either putting the PC to sleep or just hibernating when they hit the hay. 

Although it permits you to keep the web browser and documents open, the system will not close pointless background tasks that might be taking over all your system resources. Users ought to attempt to shut down their PC each night, or at least some times a week. In conclusion, the only real method of stopping the reboot prompts is to uninstall the app completely simply.

How Can You uninstall The Avast Antivirus Software?

If you no longer desire to run Avast as the antivirus program of choice, it’s very easy to uninstall and make use of the built-in Win 10 antivirus called Microsoft Defender. Follow the below steps for uninstalling the Avast antivirus program:

       First of all, simply Right-click on the Windows Start button from the bottom corner > choose Apps & Features from the top of the menu.

       After that, make sure that the Apps and Features option is chosen from the left panel > click on the Avast Free Antivirus app.

       Now, click on Uninstall and simply follow all the prompts that appear on your screen. 

       When asked if you desire this program to make any changes to the device, simply click on Yes.

       Once you finish following the directions that appear on your screen and Avast is uninstalled, simply reboot the PC.


Avast is a very simple program to use that is available for free. However, the app might become irritating sometimes and need several system reboots.

To completely avoid this problem, users can simply uninstall the application and depend on the Microsoft Defender only, which comes preinstalled with the Windows 10 PCs.

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