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Do you desire to acquaint what the Avast Behavior Shield really is all about? Have you ever come across the issues that are popping in your Avast Behavior Shield? If yes, then we’re right here for you for making the Avast task simple to perform for better resolving the Avast Behavior Shield issue. But before we go towards further discussion, we’ll have quick information about what the Avast Behavior Shield antivirus really is all about and what it does.

Introduction About The Avast Behavior Shield:


The Avast Behavior Shield actually works like the in-protection feature. With the help of it, you can really monitor the real-time processes on your Behavior Shield computer system. It’ll also alert you every time you’ll get any malicious file. As soon as you get your Avast Behavior malicious file on the computer system, the Behavior Shield antivirus will inform you about your Avast antivirus database.

If it gets to find out that any file notices any errors or threats on Avast Behavior, then Avast will block that file or even remove it completely from your system. The Avast Behavior Shield system has been incorporated into your system by default by offering medium-level protection. We’ll suggest you to enable it to have enough antivirus knowledge related to your Behavior Shield script and malware.

As a user, you can even make use of your Behavior antivirus shield from your Task Manager, running as the aswidsagenta.exe file. Hence, it’d not be leaving behind any blow on your Avast Behavior performance of the antivirus system. However, still, you have a pick where you can have it toggled off by simply following some of the main Behavior Shield ways.

What’s The Main Function Of The Avast Behavior Shield?

The Avast Behavior Shield system is accessible with the legal protection of your Avast Behavior Shield. It actually scans and monitors all your Avast Behavior system functions in real-time. As we discuss the Avast Behavior Antivirus system, it completely protects the PC system from any ransomware and the rest of the Behavior Shield malicious tools at different stages.

A lot of you don’t acquaint the fact that the Avast Behavior Shield Antivirus system already has the protection layer of Behavior Shield CyberCapture, an addition to the additional layer of your Avast Behavior Shield antivirus that plays a very important role in protecting the computer or Avast Behavior system from all sorts of threats.

Above all, the Avast File System Shield and Avast Web Shield will assist you significantly in impacting the overall performance of your Behavior Shield system in a completely positive way. Hence, we’ll state that it frequently functions as your Avast patent-pending technology. It’ll be observed with any dangerous or suspicious programs in view with your Behavior Shield security check.

Another great thing about such an amazing antivirus program is that you do not need to install it. It’s simple to have your Avast switched on separately. Once you install your Avast Behavior Shield program, it begins the function of protecting the Behavior Shield system from all sides.

How Can You Fix The Avast Behavior Shield If Bugs Attack Your Avast Behavior Shield?

The Avast Behavior Shield’s high CPU usage will occur because of the occurrence of the issue. And for that reason, you can also disable your shield. But the Avast antivirus will never suggest you this option. For better coping with this entire Behavior Shield issue, here we’ve shared some of the very important Avast fixes you can make use of for getting better rid of the problems arriving in your Avast Behavior Antivirus. Let’s have a glance down here:

Fix#1: Clear The Cache Of Avast PC

It’ll make you offer the cleaning tool for clearing all the cache of your Avast computer and frequently close all the apps running in the background. It may be possible that the cleaning utility is the leading Avast trigger for the high CPU usage of your Behavior Shield. In case you’ll get rid of this tool, it’s quite possible that you can better fix this whole Avast Behavior issue occurrence. For clearing the antivirus cleaning tool, follow these simple steps:

  • First of all, click on your cleaning utility icon and have it open on your screen.
  • Now, over your dashboard, you need to select the option of Avast settings tab > click on components.
  • A new screen will appear in which you can simply uninstall all of your components that are appended with your Antivirus.
  • After that, click on the Cleanup Tool (↓) option > tap on the Avast uninstalling option.
  • Then, confirm the uninstallation > reboot the computer.

Well, this Avast process will be disabling the entire antivirus process efficiently. If you require it one more time, you can make use of the Avast Behavior system active with similar options. You can even make use of such click steps, which are suitable for simply deactivating the of Avast behavior shield’ cookies system.

Fix#2: Make Use Of The Command Prompt For Your Avast Behavior Shield

Most of the users can’t simply see the Avast apps which are running in your background. But you do not acquaint the fact that such Behavior Shield apps are continuously consuming your CPU. One best tool is recognized as the background scan.

This Avast feature begins the antivirus scanning process of the files automatically over the Behavior Shield as soon as the user signs in. By making use of the command prompt, users will switch off the Avast behavior shield antivirus by scanning the background. Follow the below steps for making use of your CMD in Avast:

  • First of all, press the Windows + R buttons at the same time from your keyboard to open the Run dialog box.


  • After that, you need to enter CMD and press enter, after which you’ll have the command prompt running as the admin.

cmd run

  • Now, enter in the central command, which is: cd C: \ ProgramData \ Avast Software \ Avast.
  • Then, hit enter for executing your Avast command. It will open up a new window.

Avast command

  • Now, find the main avast5.ini file and open it. You need to click and insert the [GrimeFighter]: ScanFrequency = 999 commands.

999 commands

  • Next, simply save a specific file.
  • Once it’s successfully saved, you need to reboot the Avast system again. Make certain if your Behavior Shield error has been gone or not.

reboot the Avast system

Fix#3: Update Your Avast Behavior Shield Antivirus To The Most Recent Version

It may be possible that an old or out-of-date version of your Antivirus program is causing an error in your Behavior Shield. The high usage of your Avast CPU isn’t the only cause of the problem. The old version of your antivirus program hasn’t been updated with the threats.

Perhaps the Avast Behavior shield antivirus software will be unable to detect any threats or errors quickly. Somehow, updating the newer version of the Avast Behavior 2021 can fix much of the Avast problem. For doing so, follow the below steps:

  • First off, open your main dashboard > click on the icon situated in your system tray. You can also double-click on the icon that can be found on the desktop.
  • After that, click on the update that can be found in the upper corner of your dashboard.
  • You’ll then have two simple options for the Behavior Shield update task. One is through your virus Avast database, and the other one is for the full Behavior Shield program update.
  • You can update both of these Avast options freely for configuring the Avast Behavior Antivirus as you click on any of them.

Fix#4: Make Certain That The Scan Is Active In The Avast Behavior Shield Program

Usually, it begins as scanning your Behavior Shield threats or the viruses in the background! It’ll eventually exploit the Avast Behavior and the whole performance of your CPU within the usage of the Avast high disk. Hence, it’s one of the major causes why your Avast Behavior Shield has been consuming computer resources. If you desire to switch off your Avast background scanning by Behavior Shield default, then the following are the steps to follow:

  • First of all, right-click on the file > select analysis.
  • A scan of results from the Avast window will open in which you can look into what type of scans are running on your computer.
  • Now, go to the dashboard and search for the option for disabling your Avast screensaver and click on the stop option.
  • After that, check your Avast CPU usage to get the issue fixed.

Fix#5: Make Use Of The Control Panel For Resolving The Avast Behavior Shield

It’d be the final and most important Avast Behavior fix if you didn’t get the required results from the fixes mentioned above in the post. With the help of your Avast control panel, you’ll have your system get a fix from the Avast Behavior antivirus program quite fast. If you desire to fix the Behavior Shield Antivirus through your Avast control panel, then follow these steps:

  • First of all, click on the admin option on the computer.
  • After that, click on start > choose control panel.

control panel

  • Now, you’ll see all the options accessible in the type of category display on the Avast control panel.

category display

  • Then, simply select the uninstall a program option that can be found under the programs heading.

uninstall a program

  • Next, check the list of your Avast installed tools and look for the Antivirus.


  • Then, choose the repair option.


  • Now, click on yes in the next opened configuration window.


  • After that, click on Finish > reboot the Avast system of the computer once again. Check if the Avast issue has been fixed or not.

reboot the Avast system

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