How To Fix If AT&T HBO Max Not Working?

AT&T is one of the major telecommunications and ISPs. It works as the carrier for fixed as well as mobile networks all across America mostly and in a few other parts of the world as well. Not just that, but this company also offers pay-TV services through DirecTV.

HBO Max is an extremely well-known streaming platform by Warner Media, and it offers unlimited entertainment to subscribers in the form of exclusive shows, films, and a lot more. Recently, the company paired with HBO Max for allowing the customers to enjoy the streaming platform and all the fantastic things that it actually brings along.

It permitted all the customers of AT&T who already had HBO to access the HBO Max as well without any extra charges. However, as amazing as the idea of the merger of these two remarkable services sounds, a lot of Unites States citizens faced a few issues and found the AT&T HBO Max not working.

Ways For Resolving The AT&T HBO Max Not Working Issue:


The following are a few of the methods through which you can troubleshoot this issue:

Way#1: Confirming The Eligible AT&T Plan First If You Notice The AT&T HBO Max Not Working

It’s the first and foremost thing you need to do. You need to check if the AT&T service plan is really eligible for having the HBO Max or not? A few of the unlimited eligible plans that support the HBO Max comprise AT&T Unlimited Choice Enhanced SM, AT&T Unlimited Choice IISM, AT&T Unlimited Choice SM, AT&T Unlimited Plus Enhanced SM, AT&T Unlimited Plus SM, AT&T Unlimited Elite, and AT&T Unlimited &More Premium (for HBO as the premium channel).

  • First of all, navigate to the AT&T Account.

AT&T Account

  • After that, choose the View your current plan option.
  • Now, simply click on it. It’ll show which of the plans you actually have.
  • Then, if the current plan isn’t from the unlimited elite group mentioned above, then you can always navigate and choose the Change Plan option. It’ll assist you in getting the needed plan through which the access to the HBO Max will start.

Way#2: Signing In All The Accounts In Case Of Multiple IDs

This way is just applicable if you’ve got more than one wireless account having diverse IDs on AT&T. Sign-in issues might also be the trigger for the AT&T HBO Max not working error message.

  • First of all, navigate to the accounts.
  • After that, simply sign in to AT&T with all your registered accounts with the respective IDs. It’ll assist you in finding out the ID that’s actually tied with the HBO Max subscription plan.

sign in to my at

Way#3: Checking If The Set Up For HBO Max Is Okay Or Not

Any setting up the issue of the HBO Max on chosen AT&T unlimited plans might also be the trigger for the AT&T HBO Max not working error. So, for setting the HBO Max correctly, take the below steps:

  • First of all, navigate to the option of My AT&T Account Overview on the AT&T official site through any of your web browsers.

My AT&T Account Overview

  • After that, simply click on the HBO Max logo. It’ll take you through a series of commands and prompts. Simply keep following them.
  • Alternatively, you can navigate and click on the option of what’s on TV?
  • Under that, you’ll see HBO Max. Simply choose it.
  • By following some simple commands, you can complete the HBO Max set up on the AT&T Elite unlimited plan.

It ought to assist you in watching the HBO Max content simply now.

Way#4: Checking The Premium Plan

If you have the AT&T More Premium and Unlimited plan, you have to check if you have selected the premium correctly or not.

  • First off, navigate to and log yourself into the AT&T account.

login yourself

  • Then, navigate to the My AT&T Account Overview option.
  • After that, click on the Pick my premium option > select Choose HBO.
  • If you don’t see the Pick my premium option, then you have to navigate to
  • On this page, you’ll need first to confirm the wireless plan.
  • Next, after confirmation and verification, you’ll be capable of seeing the Pick my premium option. Simply select HBO.
  • After some more prompts, you’re almost certainly going to be capable of logging into the HBO Max.

In case you’ve already selected HBO as the premium, and still, it’s not operational, then you ought to:

  • First, download the HBO Max tool.

download the HBO Max tool

  • Then, log in to the AT&T account with the password and user ID that you utilize for the AT&T account through your HBO Max tool.
  • After that, navigate to the My AT&T Account Overview option through the tool and take all the steps mentioned above.

Hopefully, it’ll fix the error and assist you with the AT&T HBO Max not working problem.

Way#5: Sign In On The HBO Max Tool Again

HBO Max tool

  • Uninstall and reinstall your HBO Max tool on the web browser or phone.
  • Then, click on the person icon. You can also choose any of the shows or movies to get started.
  • Now, click Sign In.
  • After that, select the Sign in through Mobile Provider or TV option.
  • If you have an iPad or iPhone or if the AT&T TV service provides you access to the HBO Max free content, then simply select Allow. Otherwise, select Don’t Allow.
  • Now select AT&T amongst the service providers.
  • Then, enter the password and user ID for the AT&T account and click on Sign In now. It ought to sign in to the HBO Max tool tied with the AT&T plan.

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