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How To Fix The Amazon Fire Stick Critically Low On Storage Issue?

If you are looking for a device that can download different apps and can also stream shows and songs as well, then you should definitely go for the Amazon Fire Stick. However, this device does have some limitations it is just like any other storage device. Even after clearing cache and days, many users came across the amazon fire stick critically low on storage message. And it is full again the next day.

The tools’ storage requirements are very little for filling up the device. Today, in this post, we will be sharing some ways through which you can get the storage back once again in the Amazon Fire Stick. So let’s begin!

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How To Check The Storage Of Your Fire Stick?


You can follow the below-mentioned steps for checking the fire stick storage:

  • First off, navigate to your Fire Stick Storage menu > select My Fire TV Stick.

my fire tvdxas

  • After that, select About > select Storage.


  • Now, check the pane on the right-hand side of the screen to see the storage details of the device.


You can see how much storage is available on your Fire Stick that you can make use of under the indicator. Now let’s move on and see how to free up a little memory on your Fire Stick if it is full or low.

How To Troubleshoot The Critically Low On Storage Problem On Your Amazon Fire TV?

The following methods can be used for freeing up some space on your Fire TV Stick.

Method#1: Clear The Data And Cache Of Your Applications:

As you make use of the programs on the Fire TV Stick, they generate some cache files and other related data in the background that can fill up the memory of the device. If you want to free up some memory but don’t want to remove any program from your device, then you should definitely consider clearing the data and cache of your tools.

Data And Cache

Before moving on, when you clear the data of the apps, your apps will go back to the factory settings meaning that the apps will go back to the condition they were at the time when you installed them on your device. It also means that all the data saved in such apps will be lost, including your saved passwords, account details, custom settings, and personalization, etc. But if you clear up cache only, then the temporary and unimportant data related to your apps will be removed.

Method#2: Uninstall A Few Of The Unused Programs:

When you install your apps using the Amazon App Store, they can take up a lot of space in the memory of the Fire TV Stick.


If you notice that your Fire TV Stick is low on storage or it is full, then you should consider deleting the programs that you don’t really use. In fact, you should also remove all the programs that you have actually never used before and are never going to use.

Method#3: Reset Your The Fire TV Stick:

If you encounter the critically low on storage message, you need to reset the Amazon Fire Stick right away. Here’s how you can accomplish this:


  • After that, go to the right side and select System.

select System

  • Now, scroll down to find and choose the option for resetting to the factory defaults. You will be warned with some message.

resetting to the factory

  • Next, simply click on Reset.


Keep in mind that this method will delete all of your data saved on your device. So make sure to create a backup file to keep all the necessary details safe.

Method#4: Checking The Version And Profiles Of Your Amazon Fire Stick:

The only safe method you can use to fix the issue is to reset the Amazon Fire Stick simply. However, there are some propel who don’t really want to lose any of their data that they have saved on their devices.

If you are also one of those individuals then who don’t to delete any data by resetting to default, then check if your device has more than one profile. Leave just one profile and see if it has fixed the problem. It is possible that the device you are using is old, and that’s causing issues because old devices have limited storage for the new applications’ data.

If this is the case with you, then you need to get yourself a newer version of the Amazon Fire Stick. If nothing works, then you can always get in touch with the Amazon support service to get some help. The problem might require some technical fix.

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