A Problem Has Occurred In BitDefender Threat Scanner Windows 10, 7, 8!

You may have seen that you’ll see an error message emerging in front of you on your screen as soon as you reboot your computer system. The issue will say something like a problem has occurred in BitDefender Threat Scanner.

It’s mainly because the file has already been corrupted with a few error details that is showing you the issue of C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp. It’s suggested that you forward your file to the developers for further examination of the error app.

If an issue has been encountered in BitDefender Threat Scanner, then it ought to be comprised that any of the Threat Scanner.dmp files will not be able enough to read by Win 10 file. In this post, we’ll let you acquaint with some of the basic file fixes to contemplate while coping with the BitDefender issue in the threat scanner.

Troubleshooting The ‘A Problem Has Occurred In BitDefender Threat Scanner’ Error Message:


Notably, there\s a Spybot Search and Destroy file that makes use of the BitDefender engine on the Windows systems. It’s said a problem has appeared in BitDefender Threat Scanner can be gotten rid of by coping with the Spybot Search and Destroy file on Win 10.

Besides, you might need to reinstall the new BitDefender when this issue appears to you when shutting down. Here you have to acquaint that at times, even if you haven’t downloaded and installed the BitDefender antivirus tool on Win 10, you can also come across this BitDefender error on restart.

Since a few other technologies or applications take advantage of this BitDefender engine for running, such as e-Scan and SurfRight, you can’t say you would not happen to BitDefender Threat Scanner issue Win 10. That’s why you’re supposed to take a few measures to fix the BitDefender scanner problem without any uncertainty.

Fix#1: Try To Run A Patch

The first fix is to run the patch test if the BitDefender is updated simply. Here is what you have to carry out for this:

  • The first step is to realize what the architecture of your Win 10 OS is.
  • Once you’ve found out what the architecture and version are, then you can run the needed patch. You may have to utilize some 3rd-party program or a site for running this patch for either x32 or x64.

Fix#2: Erasing All The Files In The Temp Folder

Another cause why this issue may be appearing may be because of this information being saved in the temp folder. Therefore, no matter how much you may try to look for and open this DMP file, it’ll not respond how you’d like. So, the first step ought to be to resolve this is by clearing out all the entries’ traces that might be found in the temp folder.

If the first fix was not a success for you, you might desire to contemplate going for this one since by clearing out the folder, you can fix the error completely. If you desire to acquaint exactly how to fix this problem, here’re the simple steps.

  • For the first step, open the run dialog box by simply holding down Win + R buttons.Win + R buttons

run dialog box

  • Now, enter temp in the box > hit OK to remove the BitDefender Threat Scanner.


  • Moving on, once that’s been finished, you’ll then get to your temp folder.

temp folder

  • After that, click on all your entries that appear > click on the Delete option.

Delete option

  • The next step is to launch the Run dialog box once again > copy-paste %temp% > hit Enter. It’ll direct you to the Temp folder for the account. From there, you can click all the items that come up.


  • Lastly, once that’s finished, you can click on the Delete option, and everything will be removed and reboot the device.


Fix#3: Fixing Spybot BitDefender Error Windows 10

In view of the major triggers of a problem has occurred in BitDefender Threat Scanner Windows 10, here it’s strongly suggested that you manage to fix the BitDefender Threat Scanner.dmp file issue from the Spybot Search and Destroy’s perspective. The Spybot Search and Destroy makes use of the BitDefender technology for running on the computer; therefore, whenever you come across the BitDefender issue on shutdown, try to see the Spybot Search and Destroy.

  • First of all, enter File Explorer in the search box > press Enter for moving into it.
  • In the File Explorer, in the search bar, simply copy and paste C:\Program Files (x86)\Spybot – Search and Destroy 2 > hit Enter for searching for your Spybot folder.


  • In the Spybot folder, locate the SDAV.dll file > simply right-click on the SDAV.dll for copying it. You can clearly see the SDAV.dll takes up 32KB. And you might fail to find this file as it might have been removed by a few antivirus programs.

Copy File

Notice: Here, if you’re not capable of finding the SDAV.dll file in the Spybot folder or you see that the SDAV.dll isn’t actually 32KB, you’re to download that file from the Missing Files. After you have downloaded your SDAV.dll file on your Win 10 system, simply copy that file as you’re suggested to do earlier.

download file

  • After that, simply open Spybot, Search and Destroy 2 once again > right-click for Pasting the copied SDAV.dll file there.

Pasting the copied SDAV.dll file

Now you’ll have pasted the SDAV.dll file of the 32KB in your Spybot – Search and Destroy 2 folder. You have to make certain the file is 32KB; if it’s not, simply download the one from the website. Then it’s likely that a problem has occurred in BitDefender Threat Scanner Windows 10 will not appear anyway.

Fix#4: Uninstall & Reinstall Your BitDefender Antivirus Program

Once the Spybot BitDefender issue isn’t deleted, perhaps you need to resort to simply uninstalling the BitDefender program and then installing the new one without any corruption and Threat Scanner.dmp issue Win 10. In the first place, delete the problematic BitDefender from the computer in Control Panel.

  • First of all, go to the Control Panel.

Control Panel

  • In the Control Panel window, click on View by Category > click Uninstall a program under Programs.


  • In Programs and Features, find the BitDefender > simply right-click it for uninstalling it.

Here it’s also accessible and feasible for you to remove BitDefender Threat Scanner on Win 10 in the Programs & Features window in the Control Panel. Now without the previous BitDefender with BitDefender Threat Scanner issue on the reboot, you can try to download the BitDefender once again simply. The new BitDefender will almost certainly work well on the computer and would not let you come across the BitDefender Threat Scanner issue on Win 10 anymore.


That was all about how you can better cope with a problem has occurred BitDefender error in the computer. We’ve explained a few main scanner approaches, all simple to follow and diverse from each other. Make certain you follow all the steps cautiously and have the file system be totally free from the trouble of the BitDefender Threat Scanner issue.

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