Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

3 Ways To Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing

There is no secret in that relationships are built on trust, but at times that’s not adequate. Occasionally, you might have to resort to other ways like tracking or looking into your partner’s phone to make certain your wife is totally faithful and honest. Luckily, there are numerous methods you can use to track your wife’s phone.

However, the most dependable way is through the phone monitoring application. The best phone tracking application ought to be capable of tracking Android and iPhone smartphones. Best of all, such allows you to track everything that goes in and out of your partner’s phone secretly. It happens regardless of how far you’re from your partner.

Track Your Wife’s Phone

3 Ways To Track Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing:


This system makes tracking your wife simpler than ever before! Besides, a few applications are superior to others and provide more functionality. Also, they can hide themselves and all the activities from the attention of your wife. Here, we’ll show you the three methods of how you can track a phone, particularly your wife’s phone, without her knowing.

Way#1: Spyic – The Best Undetectable Phone Surveillance Application

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If you’re searching for the most powerful phone tracking program, then check out Spyic. This spy application works on Android and iOS smartphones. Already, Spyic is utilized by millions of users all across the globe. Spyic is equipped with different features that allow you to track everything virtually on your wife’s phone.

check out Spyic

All the tracking activities on Android and iOS phones happen in stealth. The tool is a dependable phone tracking application. This app is utilized by companies, parents, and spouses. It boasts of the best consumer approval ratings in the phone surveillance field. Besides tracking your wife’s phone, Spyic allows you to track your husband’s phone discreetly.

The Unique Tracking Features Of Spyic For Tracking A Phone:

The functionality of Spyic is virtually unlimited and comprises the following features.

  • Access Multimedia Files:

Most phone users take numerous videos and pictures on an everyday basis. Spyic lets you see everything on your partner’s phone, comprising what the camera captures. Every video and photo your partner takes will be accessible on the Spyic account to ease their access.

  • Monitor Online Activity:

If you always desire to acquaint yourself with which sites your partner visits most frequently, Spyic makes it simple for you. The application provides you with a list of all web pages she has visited on her device. It’ll even allow you to access each bookmarked address and every piece of detail sent or received online.

  • Text Message Tracking:

This program can intercept received or sent messages on your partner’s phone. It allows you to locate what goes on in her text messages. The application also lets you track different multimedia files exchanged even if the messages are removed right away.

  • Location Tracking:

This app allows you to find out where your partner is at any moment with the assistance of its GPS tracking abilities. The program makes certain that you know where your children, wife, or employees are truly where they say they’re.

  • Track Schedule And Calendar:

Spyic allows you to find out where your partner is gonna go today or in a week. Also, the program allows you to monitor her calendar, address book, and notes.

  • Track Call Logs:

All outgoing and incoming text messages will no longer be a secret, thanks to the capabilities this app boasts of. It allows you to see the duration, number, and timestamp details by just accessing the call details from the PC. Also, you can track numerous phones if your wife has numerous smartphones.

  • Track Messaging Apps:

Messages cannot just be exchanged on phones but also through numerous chatting applications available these days. Albeit in the past, you were not capable of intercepting the exchanged messages, now you can do that through Spyic. Spyic allows you to track your partner’s social networking messaging and access the well-liked social media programs, such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter, and Skype.

Amazing Capabilities Of Spyic:

No rooting or jailbreaking is needed. Spyic developers make use of cutting-edge technology to eliminate the requirement for jailbreaking iOS or rooting Android devices. It’s a milestone just a few cell phone tracking applications can claim. Thanks to the engineers at Spyic, there are no intricacies of jailbreaking or rooting your partner’s phone.

  • Remote Tracking Capabilities:

It’s a web-based tracking application that lets you track your partner’s phone remotely. It can be done remotely through any browser by signing into the Spyic dashboard. In the dashboard, you can track more than just the location on your wife’s device.

  • Safe & Secure:

Spyic doesn’t have access to personal data, so it cannot save it on the server. Also, it’s safe since the application doesn’t need jailbreaking or rooting her phone. Jailbreaking or rooting her phone leaves your partner vulnerable to hacking and malware.

  • Operates In Stealth:

All the activities in this program happen in the background. This way, she’ll not be capable of suspecting that you’re tracking her. Albeit on Android, the application has to be installed; it removes its icon automatically.

Moreover, the application disguises itself in the installed applications to make sure your wife doesn’t suspect it. For iPhones, no installation is required on the target device. You just have to give her iCloud details of her iPhone. That is all!

Utilizing Spyic For Tracking Your Wife’s Phone Without Them Knowing:

For discreetly tracking your wife’s phone, you have to follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  • For starting the procedure, you have to sign-up to the Spyic account. Go to the Spyic official site and register.


  • For utilizing Spyic on your wife’s Android phone, simply download and install the program on her phone. The procedure will take less than five minutes. The setup wizard will get you through the installation procedure. For tracking her iPhone, you just have to give her iCloud details. Provide them > hit Verify.


  • After configuring the phone, the system will take a while for syncing the data. When everything is finished, you can click on Start to finish the setup procedure.

finish the setup procedure

  • Next, sign in to the dashboard > scroll to the Locations section from the left panel.

sign in to the dashboard

Here, there are numerous features. You’ll have access to features that allow you to track the location of your partner’s phone. Also, on the dashboard, you’ll be capable of tracking her real-time location.

Way#2: Cocospy – The Undoubted King Of Phone Surveillance

Install for Android | Install for iPhone

With the assistance of stealth mode, Cocospy does all the spying work on your partner without getting noticed. It is a revolutionary phone surveillance program with an excellent consumer approval rating. The tool is trusted by millions of users across 190 nations across the globe. It has advanced and basic phone surveillance features.


Cocospy even has the key-logger feature that captures all the keystrokes on your target device. The intuitive UI makes this application simple to make use of for anybody. Best of all, the tool doesn’t need jailbreaking iOS or rooting Android devices for it to work.

As we look into how you can spy on your wife’s phone utilizing Cocospy, the program has unique capabilities and features.

Capabilities & Features Of The Cocospy App:

Cocospy is a true spy application that allows you to spy without the target realizing it. The following are a few of the captivating capabilities and features associated with the Cocospy app.

  • Web-Based Surveillance Capabilities:

This application allows you to spy on the target’s cell phone remotely. Cocospy attains this using any web browser. You just have to sign in to the Cocospy dashboard to begin spying on the target. Cocospy not just allows you to spy remotely, but it also allows you to spy without ever touching your target device.

For example, for spying on the iOS-based device, you do not require access to your target device. Just the iCloud details are required. This way, the target will never suspect you’re spying on them. Besides, the Android application allows you to uninstall it remotely with one simple click.

  • Secure & Safe:

What is more, the tool does not store or gather personal data on the server. It protects the privacy of the target’s data.

  • 100% Undetectable:

As a spy application, Cocospy makes certain its operations stay hidden. All the spy activities happen in the background. The program makes sure that it doesn’t meddle with the operations of the phone. For example, it uses very little system resources and storage.

The target will not be capable of noticing any changes to the phone performance. To ensure the application isn’t detectable on the Android target devices, it disguises itself in the installed programs. No installation is required on iOS devices. With Cocospy, you’re guaranteed total secrecy in the surveillance activities.

  • No Rooting Or Jailbreaking Needed:

Cocospy does not need jailbreaking iOS or rooting Android devices for this application to work. However, it has just been achieved by some spy applications. Cocospy made it possible through dedicated engineers and developers.

Above all, the program makes use of cutting-edge technology to make certain the user isn’t inconvenienced. Jailbreaking or rooting your target device leaves the target vulnerable to malware and hacking. So, utilizing Cocospy makes sure that the target device security isn’t compromised.

  • Key-Logger Feature:

Cocospy has a powerful key-logger feature that records every keystroke on your target device. This feature allows you even to access passwords and usernames utilized by the owner of the target device. Besides, every keystroke is stored in a log file that groups all based on the program it was made. You’ll even be capable of reading chats or draft messages that are yet to be shared.

Utilizing Cocospy For Spying On Your Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing:

Cocospy allows you to spy on any iOS or Android device. Now, let’s take a glance at how Cocospy allows you to spy on your wife’s smartphone without her knowledge.

  • First of all, log up for the Cocospy account. For doing so, go to the official Cocospy site and sign up. Also, subscribe to the package that suits the surveillance requirements you have.
  • If your partner makes use of an iPhone, you’ll then require her iCloud details. Enter those details and verify them. If your wife makes use of an Android phone, you’ll need one-time access to install the application.
  • After configuring the target device, you’ll be requested to hit Start for finishing the installation.
  • Next, sign on to the Cocospy dashboard utilizing any browser to start spying on your wife. Select what you desire to spy on the wife’s phone on the left-hand side panel.

Here, you’ll have access to all from social media applications to multimedia files and messages on your partner’s phone. On both iOS and Android platforms, Cocospy allows you to spy on the target utilizing any browser.

Way#3: Glympse

It’s among the best phone trackers. It offers different tracking capabilities. Aside from tracking the mobile number, it allows users to track social media activities. The program supports premium and basic versions. However, the basic version lacks the majority of the top tracking features. Furthermore, even the premium version needs rooting her phone to be capable of tracking it.

Way#4: FlexiSpy

Download Flexispy

Based on the user reviews, it’s one of the best applications for tracking a phone without even installing or touching an application on the target phone. The support team is also extremely quick in responding to the queries and assisting you in tracking a phone simply.

Advantages Of Tracking Your Wife’s Phone:

By tracking your partner’s phone, you’ll get a lot of information from it.

  • Social Media:

You can track all the social media applications on her phone. You’ll be capable of checking her Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram activities. You can also check who she talks to on social media.

  • Track Location:

Phone tracking assists you in tracking all her locations. You can track the live location as well as the previous locations. It’ll assist you in knowing if she’s lying about her location.

  • Messages:

You can also read all your partner’s text messages. You can see whom she’s chatting with. You can check all the outgoing as well as incoming messages. It assists you in checking the messages media and the details of the sender.

  • Call Logs:

You’ll be capable of checking all her call logs by simply tracking her phone. You can see with whom she’s talking on her phone. You can check the duration of a call along with all the other information of the caller.

  • Multimedia:

When you track the phone, you get to check the phone gallery. You can launch the phone gallery and check all her videos and pictures.

Frequently Asked Questions Section:

Can I Track My Wife’s Phone Without Her Knowing?

Luckily, there are numerous methods you can use to track your partner’s phone. However, the most dependable method is through the phone monitoring tool. The best phone tracking program ought to be capable of tracking Android and iPhone smartphones. Best of all, these allow you to track everything that goes in and out of your wife’s phone secretly.

Can I Track A Phone Using Just A Number?

The best method of locating someone’s location by phone number is utilizing the phone tracking app. In case you desire to find out how you can tap a phone with only the number, then you have to make use of one of the cell phone tracking applications mentioned above. You can track somebody’s location remotely without even their knowledge.

How Do I Track A Phone Utilizing Google Maps?

You can trace the lost phone utilizing the Google Maps and Find My Phone app. You have to have the application installed on the phone before it’s lost, however.

  • Sign in to Google on the PC > pull up Google Maps.
  • After that, click on the menu > tap the Timeline
  • Now, type in the date to track.

How Can I Track Somebody’s Location?

For getting real-time results, GPS and IMEI call trackers can be utilized for tracking the location of a phone call. Applications such as Locate Any Phone and GPS Phone are awesome with tracking mobile phones, even when the device isn’t connected to the internet. You can know the GPS coordinates of the phone number within seconds.


The best method of tracking your wife’s phone is through the phone spy application. The best programs are simple to use. Applications that need jailbreaking or rooting your wife’s phone introduce a huge inconvenience.

In this guide, we’ve established that Spyic is the best tool to be used for tracking a phone. Above all, it comes with mobile GPS tracking features that really make it special. So, if you’re searching for convenience, Spyic is your best bet for phone GPS tracking and a lot more.

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