Fix OBS Display Capture Not Working

2 Ways To Fix OBS Display Capture Not Working Step By Step Windows 10 (Black Screen)!

OBS Studio is an excellent open-source and free program that allows you to capture video and audio and even stream simply. However, if you are simply getting up and running with the OBS, you will have to invest a bit of your time in getting it set up perfectly.

One common issue users run into is getting the black screen when attempting to do the display capture. The great news is that it’s frequently a problem associated with your PC’s graphics settings that can be fixed very easily.

What Triggers The OBS Display Capture Not Working Issue?


OBS Display Capture Not Working

There’re several diverse causes as to why this problem takes place. Here’s a few of them listed for you.

  • Version Problems:

OBS was seen having problems after numerous updates in Win 10. Although the issue was resolved for numerous users, there were still situations where it was actually not. Reverting to the older version solves the problem.

  • Specified GPU:

If you have the dedicated graphics system set up, it denotes that you have two graphics options; onboard and dedicated graphics. OBS has to be correctly configured for running on the dedicated graphics.

  • Administrator Problems:

Since OBS captures the whole screen along with your audio, there’re cases where it comes to a stop because the needed permissions weren’t granted. Giving elevated access frequently resolves the error.

  • Out-Of-Date Drivers:

OBS and a game that you’re capturing both need that the graphics are up to date to the most recent build. If they are out-of-date or problematic, you will experience problems.

Before we begin with the fixes, make certain that you save the unsaved work from the OBS. Also, make certain that you are signed in as the admin.

How To Resolve The OBS Display Capture Not Working Error?

Solution#1: For Win 10 Version 1909 Or Newer

The first solution is for the PCs that currently run version 1909 or newer of win 10. If you’re not certain which version of windows you are currently running, then you can find out easily by hitting the Win + R buttons > enter winver > click on ok. So, if the PC has the newer windows version; follow this step by step process:

  • First of all, enter Graphics Settings in the search bar > press Enter.
  • Make certain the App Preference is set to the Classic App > click on browse.
  • After that, navigate to Local Disk C > go to Program Files > open obs-studio > go to bin > finally open 64bit.
  • Choose your OBS app in the folder by simply double-clicking on it.
  • Once chosen, you\d be presented with the interface of Graphics Specifications.
  • There’re simply two options available: High-Performance GPU and Power Saving GPU.
  • For making the OBS capture the desktop, simply choose the Power Saving option > click on Save.
  • Lastly, reboot the OBS, and the error ought to be fixed.

Solution#2: For Win 10 Versions Older Than 1909

If that did not help you out, then it is possible that the current Win operating system is older than the 1909 version. In that situation, here’s the second solution for resolving it. Follow the below steps:

  • First of all, right-click on the desktop > choose NVIDIA Control Panel.
  • Now, simply expand the 3D Settings menu.
  • After that, click on the Manage 3D Settings option > choose Program Settings.
  • Then, select OBS studio as the program for customizing.
  • Next, change the chosen graphics processor to the Integrated Graphics option.
  • Then, click on Apply > reboot OBS. That ought to resolve the issue.

Additional Solution: Reinstall The OBS Studio

Since OBS is an open-source and free-to-utilize program, there’re cases when the app doesn’t seem to be stable and has different bugs induced in it.

Install The OBS Studio

Also, it was also observed that particular OBS Studio versions had problems within them which trigger bizarre issues such as Display Capture not working. In this fix, we’ll be uninstalling the existing copy of the OBS Studio and, after rebooting, install the most recent version. All the user data will be removed, so make certain that you’ve saved all the work.

  • First, hit the Win + R buttons at the same time from your keyboard > enter appwiz.cpl in the search box > hit Enter.
  • Once in the app manager, search the OBS Studio entries > simply right-click on the program > choose Uninstall.
  • Now go to the OBS Official Download site and after choosing the right OS, download the .exe file to the easily accessible location.
  • Now, simply right-click on your installer > choose Run as administrator. After the installation is finished, reboot the PC and try to make use of the Display capture again. Check if the error is gone.

Note: Make certain that the user account that you’re making use of is an admin before proceeding with this fix.

Make Use Of An Alternative To The OBS Screen Recording Program (Recommended Fix):

A lot of screen recording programs are accessible in the market, but the stand-out video recording and capturing program is TweakShot Screen Capture. It is renowned for the broad range of features it provides.

These features assist the users in capturing different screenshots without putting in a lot of effort. Plus, the outcome originated is of high quality and appropriate for both advanced and novice PC users. The screen capturing program does not need a lot of hard disk space and allows you to record the screen videos for a longer duration without any quality compromises.


It is worth noting that it’d enable the OBS studio to just record utilizing the Display Capture. If you have to make use of the Game Capture setting in the OBS studio, then you have to switch back to the High-Performance GPU because different video games are actually set to run on the dedicated graphics processor by default.

For the OBS studio to function properly, it has to be running on the same GPU as the picture you want to capture.

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